Young Justice: Outsiders “Antisocial Pathologies” Review

Last week’s Young Justice was great for the focus placed on Gretchen Goode. There was no way that you could tease us of her connection to Granny Goode and not show us how closely they are tied.  In general, there was a lot of set-up and we know that means we need to brace ourselves for what comes next. I had a feeling that this was going to be a week where we hit a boiling point, and they did not disappoint us one bit.

The highlight of this episode came pretty fast, and that was the truth coming to light about the Justice League’s involvement in everything. This was an inevitable development that I’m glad they decided to get around to in this season. Their actions were always going to catch up to them, and all t was ever going to take was the right person asking the right questions about the things that they have been doing and the way that it all connects. What sold this storyline was also the hero who blew the cover over this deception. This was the one person who truly was in the shadows about everything that had been going on round him, and you could see why he would be so furious when having to figure it all out himself. The reactions from the others helped as well, because you would have also braced yourself for some pushback. Obviously the League was set on the decisions they made. This right here? This was what they were prepared to answer for when that time came to come clean. I’m not going to lie, I cringed. Imagine being on the other side of that argument. Could you really handle the anger that you just stirred in someone who thought they could trust you?

I was glad to see that we could finally dive into the Tara storyline. Her story up to this point has been a slowburn. Not in a bad way either. I always felt that we could be patient with what would happen when the time came for her to make a choice about what she wants to do to these heroes alongside Deathstroke. Unlike everything else going on in Young Justice, this was the only story that you actually knew the end game to, so at the end of the day it was the execution that mattered most. This week they used their time wisely to get her to a point where there was no questioning her dedication to being a double agent. It all worked out when you could see all these dominoes falling from her perspective. You’d think that Deathstroke was telling her sweet nothings as he did in the comics, but in actually the heroes gave her all the reason that she needed.

The crazy thing? That turned out to be the reveal of what Dr. Jace has really been up to this whole time. They had us believing one thing about her, and then threw it all out of the window. My jaw was pretty much on the floor because I was not expecting so much about her to have been an act. The minute you saw that text message from her? You would have easily assumed that she was simply trying to get the two out of there and someplace safe. You know, to maybe restore the life that was taken from them? Her true intentions were chilling as well as who she was working with on the other end to get the Markovs where she wanted them.

What I also came to appreciate by the end was the time giving to address the strings that The Light has been pulling in the background. You see so much of just Lex, and it makes you sometimes forget that there are others out there who have a hand in everything the Justice League and Outsiders are fighting against. Gretchen Goode was a solid start last week, but we also needed to take the next step forward to see more of the others involved. Especially when they now have their eyes set on the anti-life equation that has now been discovered within Violet. This has been an interesting development since introducing that equation at the same time begins to show cracks in this villainous organization. There can’t truly be an organization, or equality in power if something involves Darkseid. The only thing that didn’t surprise me was the writing for Deathsroke, but as I said above, his part and Tara’s are the only thing that is playing according to something you already know.

Wow, this week left me at a loss for words. There was certainly some expectation that things would boil over and that some crap would hit the fan, but you couldn’t have guessed that things would have imploded the way they did. Young Justice: Outsiders “Antisocial Pathologies” really cut deep into the troublesome mindset that these heroes have taken on. With truth came betrayal, and who knows how you move forward from these.

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