Review: Go Go Power Rangers #22

The big takeaway from last month’s Go Go Power Rangers was that we were entering a more present storyline as the story moved into the point where Mighty Moprhin Power Rangers crossed into the Shattered Grid event.This was big because this was the first time where the book felt like it was catching up, though at the same time by the end of the issue they assured us that this didn’t mean the end of everything new that we would continue to explore in this book.

I was a bit taken back by the way that this issue began. This team has been through a lot, but they wouldn’t be heroes if they didn’t struggle here and there trying to make the hard call. One thing that I have admired with the current writing of the Rangers is that one person does not make the decisions for the whole. At the core it tends to be the Red Ranger in charge, but there needs to be voices heard from everyone before that one thing is decided that everyone has to go along with. I enjoyed seeing how thing one led to them making Tommy a part of the team. This opening scene added that much more impact to the fact that Tommy is now without his powers and removing himself from the picture in order to figure himself out.

Speaking of new, as I mentioned above, there was still new territory to explore from this book. Right now that is the biggest draw-in to Go Go Power Rangers. If we didn’t get all of this new content and discoveries of things the shows didn’t get around to, what would be the point of continuing? It was a bold decision that they would create a situation where these Rangers are faced with the terrible consequences of a war they cannot remember. Bold because this might require some readers to be caught up with that event in order to understand how the Power Rangers are left to pick up the pieces of Shattered Grid. Creative because now the rest of us would understand why with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers they instead went a completely different direction after the universes and timelines put themselves back together.

Something I admired about the character focus, was how once again they placed emphasis on their regular lives. I say it every time. Heroes like these are only as important as who they are behind the mask. It was endearing that they could begin asking the right questions about what it means to accomplish something tangible. To emrace the things you can influence, and acknowledge the things you can’t.

Getting a bit more out of Lord Zedd didn’t hurt either. For how quickly things changed from Rita to him, I still believed we needed to see that we could fear him the same way that we came to fear Rita. I certainly appreciated the contrast that had begun to build between the way that Rita interacts with her minions, and the way that Zedd does. He was more condescending, but in a way that Rita always needed to be in order to push them to be better than they were. In the case of this issue, we saw him say some things to Finster and he wasn’t wrong one bit. Harsh? Absolutely, but he said the very things that he needed to hear in order to step up his game. Only time will tell really.

The interior work from this art team was solid work. Issues like this can be appreciated because you are simply getting quality work with consistency. There wasn’t anything too explosive or action-packed, which meant that it was more important to focus on the characters themselves. It mattered being able to believe in the way that they have all been coping with recent events. Some try to let loose some aggression, others turn to help in a lesser capacity, while some others struggle. The monster creation was the highlight of their efforts for the creativity put into it. It was here where you could see what separates the vision of Zedd from Rita and Finster. The action scene wasn’t too big, but it was handled very well for how fluent each action went from one to the next.

Go Go Power Rangers #22 continued to shake things up. The theme this month seemed to focus on coping mechanisms, and surely enough many of us out there can relate to how that gets us through our days. Everyone reacts to something differently, and we saw this explored to a degree through the Rangers in their normal lives. Aside from this, again it was great to see how the events of Shattered Grid could catch up. Hopefully they execute this in a way that it doesn’t matter if you actually read that event or not.

Go Go Power Rangers #22




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