Review: Loki #2

Loki #1 had an impressive debut. I honestly had little expectation for this one aside from the fact that it would aim to be one of Marvel’s more entertaining books on shelves. It gave me a reason to pick up the second issue because it also did a little more than your average story involving a character like Loki. It had some fun, but it also put the time into actually setting up a story. That didn’t mean we knew exactly what was in store for us in the coming issues, but we knew that there was a direction to follow.

Now what stuck with me until the release of this issue was the fact that the cover image showed Loki getting on the bad side of Tony Stark. This was interesting to me because the last thing we remember seeing was Loki popping open a book to his life. How do would we get from there to Loki landing on Tony’s front door? The answer to that I could wait for since regardless of the reason, it’s fun to throw chaotic characters at a guy like Tony. If you’re annoying or a villain that you wouldn’t quite call a villain 24/7, even better. Especially in the case of Loki who once again has found himself on the side of good. From the start of this issue it was fun for the fact that Loki was not welcomed from the minute he walked up to the desk.

When it came to the answer of why Loki is turning to Tony for answers? That was where things began to make sense since this was one of those things where we started at a future point and needed to work our way back up. Everything cleared up quite nicely once it was understood where reading that book ended, and Loki’s next destination began. I actually admired the boldness of what Loki wanted to do from there because it was a stronger emphasis of the person is he now trying to be. This book would have turned out pretty empty if it was all Loki trying to outrun his responsibilities. Seeing him aspire for more creates many options for what he can do beyond that.

As for underlying plots, it was an interesting choice that there could be greater forces at play trying to pull his strings. To what end? That is what we have to look forward to next month, though for now it makes you wonder how this sudden twist at the end could hold influence over this King who wants to be more than just the hero of the realms or Thor’s brother.

Off the bat, what got me excited about the interior work for this issue was seeing this version of Loki who looks more casual than he ever has. The shirt was cleverly worded, and the shades were a nice touch as well. Even the way he carried himself was pretty normal as opposed to the guy who always seemed like he was up to something. I only found it strange that there was a period where he wasn’t wearing the shades, and then suddenly was out of nowhere. Aside from this, the expressive faces that Loki and Tony made while interacting was what engaged you most. You could see that both of them were really trying to leave an impression on the other based on how they knew to best get a response. A bonus that seems to be a thing now is this “Loki’s Trickster Tips” that pops up here and there. I like it. These things are great because they are interactive with the reader. Not to mention humorous depending on the way that it is worded, to which I would say that they nailed here.

Like I said above, Loki #2 gives you a lot more confidence in what this book has to offer. It’s all fun and games with Loki, but at the end of the day you also want a story that engages you. It doesn’t have to be complicated or over the top, but it just has to be something that shows you that there is a plan in mind for the character.

Loki #2




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