Review: The Orville #2: New Beginnings Part 2 of 2

After the first issue of The Orville, I found myself looking forward to the second because it read just like any other episode of the show. Not to mention for the point in time that they chose to tell this story? It was easy to slip into what happened next while also bracing yourself for everything new that comes with this side story. As I said before, this is the kind of story that could only happen within the pages of a comic.

With the start to this issue, the suspense quickly kicked in for Ed and Gordon after their crash-landing on this desolate planet. Obviously there was more to what we were seeing on the surface, but the question was how we would get to that revelation. Ed and Gordon aren’t incapable of handling a mission on their own, though its hard not to ignore the fact that they don’t share the same tact that most others on the crew have. You could have overlooked this based on the appearances of the friendly locals. However, looks can be deceiving in this universe as we have come to learn through the show. Only one thing ended up being predictable, and that was the source for the Chog’s food. When you saw them lining up to enter the ship with bowls, clearly they had found some way to make use of the food synthesizer. With that said, when some of the pieces came together for the duo, it really came down to how bold they were willing to be to fully uncover what the Chogs were hiding from them.

Considering the kind of show The Orville is, the answers they were looking for turned out to be better than the alternative that you may have been bracing for. The revelation of what happened to that ship, the crew, and even to this planet in the process all lined up perfectly as well. This was the smart choice bearing in mind that this is a story that needs to be able to wrap up properly by the end of this issue. Little time was wasted either trying to reveal the troubles in digging for answers. It didn’t matter whether there was a good reason or not for the Chogs to keep certain areas off-limits. What came next was an emphasis of how dire it is for them to make sure that nothing interfered with the most important resource they have on this desolate planet. Ed found himself in a tight spot, but he got out of this in an Ed kind of way. Once again this all began and ended in a way that felt like you were watching an episode. The only difference is that things moved to a faster pacing to make sure that this could come to a satisfying conclusion.

Seeing how this relationship between Kelly and Cassius formed was a point of interest. I still think most of us were thrown for a loop when this suddenly was a thing in the show and felt like we may have missed something. Now while this relationship wasn’t actually long-lasting, still it didn’t hurt to see how this came to be.

What you come to appreciate about a book like this is the appealing interior artwork. The dealbreaker for this was always going to be the quality of work that this art team was prepared to give us. It makes a big difference when both story and art find a way to engage you. Considering the style of this art team, what stood out to me most ended up being the consistency. Especially from David Cabeza who did an excellent job of capturing the likeness of these characters and being able to stick to it through many different perspectives. I was also impressed with the work put into the creation of these Chogs. Adorable little guys, but you can also see where they could be dangerous having such awareness to them and ability to fully emote. That last part also helped big time with creating proper engagement between themselves, Ed, and Gordon. Beyond this, solid color work as well. I was a bit choked that Michael Atiyeh didn’t play with these colors more, but the range to his colors was more than enough to capture the natural beauty that The Orville tends to have.

Who would have ever thought we would be able to experience The Orville in comic form? This was a book worth investing time in when it captured everything you love about the series in a couple of issues. It was the same kind of missions, new kind of troubles, creative solutions, and at the end of the day still carrying the same endearing tone. Overall, it makes you really wish that new season was here already.

The Orville #2: New Beginnings Part 2




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