Carole & Tuesday “Head Over Heels” Review

As the last of our episodes for now that focused on older singers for Carole and Tuesday to encounter, they made sure it ended with one that was just as heartfelt as the one before. While I’m going to miss that exploration of artists from the old days, there must of course be progression in what they need to do in order to keep up with Angela’s momentum. That was what I found myself looking forward to most from “Head Over Heels”, among other things.

With this week’s episode, it was nice to see Carole and Tuesday making more progress on their climb. Everything for them is a slow crawl, but you appreciate that they are doing everything the way that most of us can relate to. They don’t have the big time agencies to throw them big opportunities left and right. Neither do they have the status to automatically have that recognition from the rest of the world. To see their debut single continue rising was great, as well as the next steps that they would take from there. That of course being to finally put together their first album. The idea of this got me very excited after last week’s episode. Their music has become much improved. Especially when they have made the choice to also add extra instruments in the background. It makes all the difference in their music gaining more energy to them than they ever had before. Imagine a whole album sounding the way their music did last week?

When they stepped into the studio to see Tobe? I think we all knew what we were in store for. I found the whole scene entertaining because he does not mince words about the way he feels about things. If the song is ****, he has no problem calling it as it is. Of course it does seem that he goes a bit over the top this time around. Who am I to argue? What these two were able to produce before was a big improvement just from their time with him.

Slowly with each passing episode we get around to another character in Carole and Tuesday’s orbit, and this week I was surprised to see that this character happens to be Ertegun. One of the few people in their orbit who hasn’t done much for them growing as stars in the making. Truthfully, when he popped up, I was sure that he would have been more of an obstacle than anything else. You know, throw his weight around and give them a hard time where he could during the Mars contest. It was shocking that they decided to use Ertegun as their example of how an artist can lose it all due to bad management of their funds. This can happen in a number of ways, but in the world of Carole & Tuesday it made sense that this could be because of an irresponsible reliance on technology.

With that said, this did create a humorous situation for Ertegun. Without a house or penny to his name, he would of course have to turn to the people he would technically be closest to. That person of course being Roddy. Now with that said, the humor only lasted so long. I was a bit taken back by the inner conflict he went through once realizing what he actually had without his money. Quite a sad realization, but maybe one that will also humble him. A start is definitely how making a comeback involves Tao and Angela working with him.

Getting back to Angela, things took quite the dark turn for this stalker angle that they’re doing with her. I braced myself for things to get a bit dicey, and they did not disappoint this time around. I was actually a bit worried at first because it wasn’t too much of a thing last week. Yet here we are, and it makes you wonder what the end game might be. Like Ertegun, they are trying to represent a part of the industry here, and it makes you wonder how far they are willing to go from what took place this week.

There was just a bit of political drama this week, but as I’ve said before, this is welcomed as long as we are seeing that there is change in the world around Carole and Tuesday. This election stuff may not have impact right now, but there is no doubt that it will in time.

Carole & Tuesday “Head Over Heels” was one of the more balanced out episodes of the series. It was entertaining at times, and it was also a bit heartbreaking. They managed to give us a mix of everything. Mainly because there was actually a lot going on this time. That may mean that there was no true progression made across the board, but at least we know what everyone is up to and the path they have been set on, for better or for worse.

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