Isekai Cheat Magician “Defense of Azpire” Review

From one big battle into one greater, how exactly will our two heroes fair with so little preparation for what comes next? I suppose that is the biggest question on everyone’s mind this week. To some extent you can see how some viewers out there may have a problem with how fast things are moving. Normally these are the times where your main characters show some sort of improvement since their last bouts. I mean, what is Tachi really going to do? Punch everything and everyone into submission? Even if that were the case, you would expect a bit more from him, Rain, and everyone else.

Like the episode before, we jumped right into what came next. After our big bad revealed his plans to Rin and Myura, it only made sense that the very next thing to happen was everyone getting ready for the start to the battle for the fate of Azpire. I was intrigued by the kind of set-up that this city had to fend off against thousands of enemies. This was one of those times where it genuinely felt like a game scenario. In a game, you expect that you will have little in the way of support to fight back. So automatically this puts you in a position where you have to do most of the heavy lifting yourself. This is what it was like for both Taichi and Rin on their respective battlefronts. With that said, I found myself a little more interested in what Rin could accomplish on her end. It goes without saying that a lot of the time she is able to take your expectations of her and throw it right out of the window. Having a lesser magic level would make you think she couldn’t do as much, and then you would be wrong.

She continued to prove that this week when surprisingly offering herself up to be the opening act of the battle for Azpire. This was instantly my favorite scene of the episode for the fact that once again she showed that there is much more that can be done with magic than the basics they were trained in. It’s always fun when someone takes a simple concept and runs wild with it. Rin so far has taken this ability to control all four elements, and done wonders with what power this affords her in a pinch. Lemiya making an appearance was welcoming as well. Adding her to the mix enforced a lot of the things you were already thinking about Rin. Aside from, that it was at the same time thrilling to see what Lemiya could do when she unleashed her full power. It was a sight to see since she is the second strongest next to Taichi.

This separate path that they have set Taichi and Anastasia on has been interesting to say the least. As I said above, when it comes to Taichi, you have to get a bit creative with the kind of obstacles you throw his way. He has to be challenged by something that he can’t simply overcome through that overwhelming raw power of his. Encountering Miro and Mello in the basement of Azpaia was one way of doing this. He could have run into anyone on the opposing side, and he ended up being stuck with two young sorceress who he could never bring himself to strike down. Fortunately, the army of red goblins that they brought with them was more than enough to keep him and Anastasia on their toes. Things did manage to get interesting because even for Taichi he was playing by an invisible set of rules. The kind which limit what he could do in that kind of setting, and then kind where he really had to think about every bit of magic he expended in only this fight.

Things also began to take a darker tone in this episode. This was a bit unexpected to me, but it does tend to be a thing with these kinds of stories. You know how it goes. You step into a fantasy world where there’s a sense of wonder to everything around you, until you find the dark things which aim to flip all of that on its head. I couldn’t argue with this development either because this is what it takes for things to start getting serious. They started by introducing a power more terrifying than Taichi’s, and then hit everyone with the idea of a kind of threat that might make you wish for death before anything else.

Isekai Cheat Magician “Defense of Azpire” turned out to be one of the more entertaining episodes of the series. At this stage they have begun pushing these adventurers to their limits, and honestly that is the only way that we will ever understand any real stakes that they are trying to offer. After what we have seen already, it makes you wonder how far they can dig down for whatever comes next. I think it’s safe to say that this battle is setting up for an explosive climax.

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