Young Justice: Outsiders “Terminus” Review

One thing you never entirely prepare yourself for in Young Justice: Outsiders, is drama, and they packed last week’s episode with one hell of a punch. We all knew that in one way or another it would come to light that the Justice League were playing a dirty game as well to stay in the fight against The Light, but the response was unexpected. Well, the degree of it to be specific. The same could be said for the reveal that Dr. Jace had evil intentions from the very start. Anticipation was high to see just how the team picks up the pieces from these developments.

The biggest development for this season just so happened to be the acquisition of the Anti-Life Equation. It really wasn’t until the book “DCeased” where I came to understand what this was initially, but upon that discovery I knew that there was nothing good that could come of Granny Goodness getting her hands on it. It also wasn’t until the opening scene of this episode where I found it easy to understand why the synopsis read “The hunt for Halo is on. Pray that they don’t find her”. When you see what the enemy is now capable of with that kind of power, you could imagine the worst case scenario when Halo is more of liability now than she ever has been in the past. Now of course, that is easier said than done. Particularly when Granny Goodness makes such a powerplay at the very start to shake things up. I only found issue with the fact that this one move made everything else after that pretty predictable. You may not have known how the rescue/hunt would end by the conclusion of the episode, but you did know that things weren’t going to go their way.

I suppose you could say that for the most part this week’s episode was a set-up for the finale to come next week. Three episodes is more than enough time to dive into what miracle could turn things around for the heroes.

What caught me off guard was how the black ops team handled this mission to find Halo on their end. This could have gone a lot of ways, but the opportunity wasn’t wasted to try something unique. It was of course going to be action-packed, and there is no moving forward without some drama along the way, but it was a refreshing experience for them. Well, for us to be exact. What made this unique was the perspective taken when they sprang into action. We jumped into the mind of the one person on the team who isn’t one-hundred percent there, and from there the animators had a little fun with how everything was visualized till the end.

After what we had seen from The Light following the acquisition of the Anti-Life Equation, that was probably the first time where we could see some sort of ripple form within this organization. As I said before, there is only one constant with a story like this, and that is the expectation when Darkseid is involved. Whenever this monster steps into the scene, one thing is for certain, and that is that the aim is not to share power. Fortunately they were not playing games with us. So the other villains understanding this development keeps things interesting when you know that they can’t simply be direct about their displeasure with someone having that much power over them.

Catching up with Black Lightning was a big thing for me, so I was just a bit disappointed when there wasn’t too much of what came next for him. For the most part there was just a bunch of reflections on everything good that he had now walked away from. Hopefully that does change by the end of the season. I wouldn’t want things to end for him like this. Not without any real closure to move on, or forward.

Now while we didn’t see a lot of him, I did love seeing a lot of Justice League members who joined the fight that you did not expect to be working with them in this capacity. It is always welcomed when the decision is made to use heroes who don’t always get the spotlight.

As I said above, Young Justice: Outsiders “Terminus” served as the set-up for the big season finale to come next week. I’m still shocked that they have decided to go with three episodes to bring all of this to a close, though with what they pulled here? It might just take three hours to topple the kind of power they have unleashed upon the universe.

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