Review: Ghost Spider #1

Of the Spider Family, I would say that Gwen was always up there for me as one of my favorites. When I measure the appeal of them, it tends to be by their distinction from one another. Gwen is one of the more unique members. Especially since she comes from a different dimension. I looked forward to the debut of this issue because despite enjoying the character, I never really got into the books. This was the best time to jump in fresh, and with a story that actually ties into a stronger connection with the 616 universe.

As a new number one, there was of course the expectation that this book would be something that anyone could jump right into. You wouldn’t want to pick up Ghost Spider #1 and wonder about everything that you may have missed about Gwen’s recent adventures up to this point on Earth-65. After reading this issue I felt appreciation for the effort that was put into this to welcome new readers. This was all about Gwen starting anew in a different universe. Maybe not altogether, but it certainly felt like most loose ends were tied up before moving on. So obviously that means there will still be some things out there that you may question, but I think they have approached this so far with the intent on making sure that everyone is moving forward on the same page.

The big thing for me was actually figuring out her situation in how she could so easily drop everything and decide that a normal life was easier to obtain somewhere where no one knows that her the same way. While that isn’t addressed in its entirety, I walked away with a fair understanding of what kind of life she was living before this big decision. The other thing ended up being the way that they tackle what makes her special. In most cases you would say her agility and grace in contrast to other spider people, but in this case it ended up being her costume. The explanation of it was pretty awesome considering our experience with symbiotic bonds have been more chaotic than anything else.

While I’m sure that most would have loved that connection with someone like Miles off the bat, I liked that they eased Gwen into this new life through Peter. It was also interesting to catch up with what he has been up to as a professor at a university. That I could roll with as well since this was one of the better ways to take advantage of his intellect without going full Tony Stark again. Obviously convenient that he had the kind of position to help her out, but as I said this works in favor of both. At the same time by the end of the issue it was smart to create some distance between the two by addressing the fact that neither can share a normal bond. You don’t want too many scenarios where he should be there to help and isn’t.

The interior work for Ghost Spider is solid, yet simple. Nothing too special, but quality work which is all that really matters at the end of the day. Where they seemed to do best was with the scenes involving Gwen in costume. Her costume always looks amazing, but it was also where they put the most detail into their work whether it was the pencils or the colors. It certainly seemed like they had more fun with her swinging around since this allowed for more freedom of movement and perspective. It was also easy to forget how appealing the lettering is for Gwen. Such a unique combination of colors to put together for word boxes that never clashes with anything underneath.

Ghost Spider #1 has fun with the idea that reinventing yourself is as simple as moving from one universe into the next. You ask yourself what it would be like to travel somewhere that no one knows you to start over, and this book takes that to the next level. After what this first issue sets up? I look forward to how Gwen will balance two lives like this. Trouble is clearly going to follow her no matter where she decides to spend her time most.

Ghost Spider #1




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