Review: Psi-Lords #3

Psi-Lords has really become that book from Valiant that just keeps you guessing. Just when you begin to figure things out along with these amnesic astronauts, again nothing is as it seems. Especially when it came to the twist they threw at us at the end of the previous issue. That was the definition of jarring because one thing you were not prepared for at this point was the idea that dead is also not dead in whatever world we just stepped in.

Now some may like more things actually happening in their stories, but Psi-Lords is one of those books where there is little problem to have with putting your foot on the breaks to elaborate on what’s unfolding. One of the first things they really get into in this chapter is the mystery behind what looks like Scion back from the dead. This was a big shocker because we don’t know the extent of the kind of powers these people can possess. Getting our answer to that development was a great first step to take because clarity of one thing led right into the other. That being the root of these powers which seem to stem from the same tree. So what we know now to be their core powers is only the foundation for more that they could apply to their arsenals given the right direction. From there the doors were kind of blown open to everything else which begins to make sense of what the Psi-Lords are. That has been our biggest question and the answer was quite satisfactory. The third issue was not a bad time to know where the end game is for this crew.

With this issue we could also see more of this cosmic foursome’s personalities stand out. Up to this point, it was hard to say how invested you were with these characters aside from what they are capable of. You only know as much as they know about themselves, and what they do know about themselves had a habit of getting in their way. This next chapter was a great opportunity to show what they can be like when there is a little less urgency from the environment around them to be in survival mode. Here and there we could also see where between these four there could be specific dynamics and bonds created between some of them. Of course it would be too early for relationships to be blossoming, but getting a tease of those possibilities doesn’t hurt either. For now it was just great for them to have this opportunity to better confront feelings they aren’t yet sure how to be at peace with.

Now on top of all this revelation, they really played with us, and I commend this creative team for how they pulled it off. As I said above, this is a story where you expect the unexpected. That was something I was saying to myself before flipping open to that first page. And yet that grab your attention through all of these things which bring clarity to this situation, and all of it easily makes you forget that danger could be right next to you. They nailed yet another twist by the end of an issue.

Part of the excitement for this issue was everything exploratory that Renato Guedes was able to get into with these interiors. The best thing about a book like this is that almost every flip of the page is something new. New settings, new creatures, new ways for these characters to be drawn, and much more. What I enjoyed most was how we finally reached a point for this team to somehow get their hair back. Not that it was too hard to tell some of them apart, but now it is impossible with them having distinguishing hair styles. Hair which I should also point out kind of carries a little personality as well. Aside from this, the engagement from the characters was better visualized as well with this downtime that they got. It didn’t hurt getting more panels and scenes where there was stronger emotions expressed from each of them individually and together. Sometimes just their body language said more than their words could.

They say that the powers of this cosmic foursome is jaw-dropping, but what about the writing in general for Psi-Lords? Issue #3 was compelling for all the ways that they captivated us through plot progression and character development, only to be hit once more with the reality that the unknown is the greatest danger to this team. How they made us drop our guard through lost histories and revelations was excellent.

Psi-Lords #3




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