Review: Superior Spider-Man #10

While Superior Spider-Man #9 was not the issue where old enemies make their way back into Otto’s life, this issue seemed to be the one that could fulfill that anticipation. Anyone could have been disappointed for having to wait another issue, but after what last month’s delivered? This could wait. Another emotionally impactful issue did not hurt one bit. Knowing this creative team, that probably also wasn’t the last issue that could hit us in such a way.

What shocked me about this issue was that still we weren’t at that point in the arc where Otto would find himself taking on these villains that the past two issues have teased to be a big thing. Was I initially disappointed? Yeah, I could have been. However, could you really argue with the reality that we were getting another genuine issue like the ones previous? And better yet, why not? I feel like Christos Gage made a brilliant choice in deciding that now was the perfect time to rock his Otto’s world. There are very few ways that you could really do this considering his recent experiences, so there was only one way left, and I do think this was the best time. I mean we already got the ball rolling with him trying to be the best person he can be, so why not take that next step to force him to do this for the entire world.

Only halfway through the issue and I felt myself hit with the same emotions I felt with Superior Spider-Man #9. No opportunity has been wasted to show that Otto has changed his outlook on life. He now knows the proper way to maintain a relationship with the opposite sex. He also knows now how to accept that it doesn’t just stop at saving someone. What you do after still matters, even if it is just visiting the person.

Now I should also be clear when I say that this isn’t the issue where these villains play a big part in his story. They do, but just not in the capacity you would have expected till the very end. Which is not a bad thing either. What we prepared for was something a bit more direct, but what we actually got was just as good for a problem you couldn’t see coming till it actually hit. What jumped out at me instantly about this was the way that Otto approached the problem. This could have easily been just him employing his methods, but things got interesting when a third-party involved themselves who you didn’t think would be on his side after what unfolded.

Like the issue before, I enjoyed the efforts from this art team that went towards creating convincing emotional moments. This issue was big for the impact that this recent change in Otto’s had on him and everyone he knew. Once more it hit you to see the strength of the emotion emitted from his expressions, other’s expressions, the way their body language changed around him for better or for worse. For the half of the issue that Otto was wearing his costume, I loved that you could easily read him through the shape his eyes took on as he spoke. That said just as much as his mouth would have. Aside from that, things got a bit explosive near the end, and it reminded you of how well this art team also does with action scenes. The colors were explosive, the effects sold you on the moment. Not to mention the lettering gave you chills because this is Norman Osborn of all villains that we are dealing with.

They got one thing right, Superior Spider-Man right now is one of Marvel’s least predictable comics on the stands. It was a welcoming surprise that this new threat to Otto could kick off on two different fronts. One you expected, the other coming from left field and yet awesome for the delivery of another endearing issue.

Superior Spider-Man #10




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