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The latest issue of Powers of X I think blew everyone’s minds, mine included. We all tried to picture this one direction that Hickman was trying to go with that story and series of perspectives throughout the years, but who was truly prepared for all of this to in actuality be one of Moira’s live played through? That was pretty damn clever if you ask me. This was probably the first time where we could really say that these two books connected. So now here we are at House of X #3 anticipating more than before what comes next. Will we immediately see what Moira was able to do with that information? Or is this also just another life we are playing through to her death?

Knowing Hickman, the answers to those questions will be something earned, rather than given. At the start of House of X #3, the chapter kicks off with what happens when Cyclops and the team is sent out to space in order to destroy the Mother Mold before it’s fully operational, and in turn create Nimrod. We know that through the events of Powers of X so far, those Orchid scientists succeed, but this is also a story where you are pushed to expect the unexpected. Just because this seems doomed from the start, doesn’t mean that that is how things will end. So there was definitely suspense when you see Xavier, Magneto, and everyone else full of hope that they can pull this mission off.

What was so interesting about the approach here was that we weren’t following this from the perspective of the X-Men much. They had some dialogue here and there, but it was nothing too special or memorable in contrast to these humans up there fighting for their future so to speak. Seeing this mission unfold from the perspective of Orchid was welcomed as well. They aren’t the good guys here, but it never hurt to know what was going on inside of that base as they were fighting to activate this mutant killing machine. What impressed me was how far they managed to think ahead when it came to both defending this place and countermeasures against losing control of this project. Obviously they lost control, but that is a development further down the line. In the here and now, it was just good to know that such a contingency plan could be created by humanity just for the sake of preserving their place against mutants. I mean, is it really that much of a big deal? Must have been given the amount of resources they were willing to throw at the X-Men to protect the station.

Aside from this, it was time spent worth it to get into what the political landscape looks like for the Krakoans. They have never felt this kind of power to be able to get one of their own out of danger that they put them in. An experience to allow us to share in that you will see very little in an X-Men book.

This issue more than most I appreciated for the informative pages which explained such things as the progression of Nimrod, Project Achilles, The Omega Cycle, and other things which ensure that us readers are all on the same page about what is unfolding. It is safe to say that a lot of things in the X-Men stories can sometimes be a lot to take in. There’s no way you can look at these walls of text and not say that that isn’t as interesting as anything else you are going to read in the issue, because at the same time this is one of the most unique ways that we have been able to digest all of thee facts at the same time.

Like the issue before, this art team once more knocked it out of the park! This time around the visuals were spectacular for the cold intensity they consistently were able to build-up as this mission to destroy the Mother Mold commenced. I love that they got an artist like Pepe Larraz in particular because it takes a patient penciler, and one who knows his craft to be able to produce such detailed work. Whether it was the station, the setting of Krakoa, or even the intricate work put into the sentinels, there was attention to what brings all of that to life. The same could be said for Marte Gracia, whose colors were astonishing for the advantage taken of the room given. Up to this point it has also been a smart play that he has been the color artist for both books. You get the same atmosphere, tone, and level of epicness from every impactful scene. The effects like lens flares, glows, textures, all of it makes a big difference too in grabbing your attention as the story keeps revving up.

House of X #3 is another focused issue and I can’t argue with the choice to show us what happened, or what happens when the X-Men make this move to stop the creation of Nimrod. Will this be the actual timeline played out? Or is what we’re seeing right now what happens after Moira X brings the information to stop Nimrod to the X-Men? You never know when it comes to Hickman, but you definitely sit eager to find out how this ends, because it started off with one heck of a bang!

House of X #3




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