Review: The Terrifics #19

Like another books this week, I was very surprised when I saw that this one would be influenced by the events of ‘Year of the Villain’. It seems like there is no book out there set in this world where Lex Luthor’s dark gifts did not reach a villain who could give the heroes a run for their money. At the same time it was interesting that of all the villains to get a gift that could shake things up for The Terrifics, it would be Bizarro. That choice alone makes you anxious to see what comes of this.

I mean, what’s the worst that could really happen when you put the power of time manipulation in the hands of someone so simple-minded as Bizarro? We find that out pretty quick in this issue since it is also all about what Bizarro does with this gift on his world. I think he was the smartest choice of anyone we will come across in ‘Year of the Villain’ considering the aim for these dark gifts is to spread doom. At best what you are going to get with Bizarro is chaos, and that is as close as you can get to doom while it also being on a massive scale for the guy being who he is. What most other books can’t say is that they actually gave a whole issue to the person that Lex chose too. In most cases you see him give the gift to the person, and then you see the immediate aftermath in the issue to follow. That isn’t the case here, this creative team had fun with actually exploring what happens in detail, and it is worth it since in this moment it has nothing to do with The Terrifics.

Now getting back to the big question, that was the worst that Bizarro can do with time manipulation in his grasp. The answer to that? The absolute worst. At a point in the issue, actions speak louder than words, and Bizarro did what he did best when it came to smashing all the things that he wanted to change simply because they did not make sense to him. He had nothing nefarious, but that simple goal led us on a destructive adventure through time in the Bizarroverse that was interesting at the same time because of all the things we are learning that is truly backwards about this place.

Not going to lie, the dialogue was something to get used to for the Bizarroverse. Personally, I’ve never been the biggest fan of the way that words can change based on a location or period of time. The worst offense to me is future talk, so this wasn’t so bad since we are talking about a backwards universe. I would have to say that I was actually impressed that they were able to pull this off without too much difficulty since you’re striving for everything being contrasting to proper communication.

Visually there was a lot different to take in this time around. I don’t want to use the word goofy, but that seems like the best way to describe everything seen in the Bizarroverse. This art team had fun with everything that was backwards about the things they did, and even the way these people looked in contrast to the main universe. There was a lot going on in general, so off the bat I was impressed by Max Raynor’s ability to handle to workload without skipping a beat. His pencils were defined, detailed, and impressively proportional. Including the way that Bizarro himself is drawn. Caught me off guard to see someone actually draw him pretty regular, and by that I mean not having an overly huge upper body, super small legs, and small crown. Aside from the skin color, he looked like a regular person, which is also subjective given his planet as well. Aside from this, the color work was excellent too. The same could be said for Stephen Downer and his range in colors. As usual the colors were spectacular, but there was the added bonus of more playful colors used to highlight a place that is a bit on the whimsical side.

Our biggest takeaway from this issue of The Terrifics? Doom doesn’t just mean spreading this to the far corners of the universe. That would be too simple. Spreading doom means hitting every conceivable place of importance which order exists. For Bizarro, his true nature is chaos whether intention or not, so Lex really let it rip on this one. All of this was a great build-up towards how this fits into the lives of The Terrifics, and making you question how they might put a cap on this one.

The Terrifics #19




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