Review: Thor #16

With the War of the Realms passed, now what comes next is how everyone moves forward from such a large-scale event. By the end of the event, there was no shock that this would be one of those points again where nothing was ever going to be the same as before. Leave it to the gods to be so in the middle of the action that getting back to something close to normal is going to take more than simply changing homes.

The big thing for this issue was seeing how welcoming it would be to everyone. The main purpose of this issue is of course to explore the aftermath of the war for everyone on Asgard, but of course there is always going to be a wonder as to if this is an issue readers can jump into who didn’t quite follow the event. Crazy to think that, right? But you never want to assume that everyone shares in the same level of investment in stories like that. So, to that extent I would say that this issue had a good ease of access to it. Everything about this issue dealt with what came next, rather than digging too deeply into what happened during the event. Obviously there might be some things here and there you would question about big changes, but that will always follow with an event of that scale. Especially one which shakes up the hierarchy of the Asgardians once more.

From start to finish, we could see the way a lot of things changed for these gods and allies of them. New teams formed, different characters taking new positions, and let’s not forget new situations. There was pretty much no stone left unturned when it came to even what was done with those who found themselves on the wrong side of the war. When Thor took the throne, the big thing was seeing how he could proceed moving forward in contrast to what Odin may have done in the same position. It wasn’t too shocking to see who was given another chance, and who was simply locked away. With that said, the most heartfelt development was seeing the change within Odin of all people. When it comes to the Thor books, he is the guy you love to hate, but what about when he isn’t? It was a genuinely endearing scene to see the guy speak with such clarity in his mind and a heart full of love to share.

As for Thor, the main attraction for this issue was figuring out why it is that he decided to disappear. Nothing new for him, but after a victory like this and being worthy once more? You would have expected a bit more than his usual antics. Now when I say antics, I do mean as in something that he is known for, but at the end of the day this was much more than that. I admired seeing this version of Thor that remembered what it meant to be a god again. It’s never about the pageantry, it’s about doing the very thing right that the God Butcher so wrongly tried to correct before.

For this conclusion, the choice was perfect of course to still have Mike Del Mundo as the artist. You get the same consistency, the same quality of work, and of course the same atmosphere that has always been fitting for the world of gods. What stood out more than anything else in this issue was the emotion he was able to bring out of these characters. So many of them captured our hearts from the way they pressed forward from recent events. Some experienced a strong reflection, new confidence, and varying reactions to the things that either went right or wrong as they all gathered to celebrate victory. I loved the facial expressions of Odin more than anyone else because he was kind of all over the place. Even during a time of celebration you could expect him to be the liveliest.

This issue right here probably gave us one of the most heartfelt conclusions to an event that we have ever gotten in a while. Thor #16 wrapped this event up perfectly, addressed where the gods go from here, and what to expect next in Jason Aaron’s final story to come. It wasn’t too surprising to see where they were going with it, but it has been a long time coming. It would be madness to not want to see what happens as King Thor takes on this final foe.

Thor #16




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