Review: Going to the Chapel #1

It’s been a hectic week for me, so I wasn’t all too sure if I was going to have the time to check out any books outside of what I had already planned to either pick up or review. Then recommendation after recommendation hit for this book called Going to the Chapel, and at that point I felt that I had to make a little time for it. Not to mention, this would be the first time that I jumped into a book from Action Lab. Every now and then it doesn’t hurt to see what some of these other publishers have to offer.

Now when I initially took a peek at this book, I thought I pretty much had it all figured out. Two people are about to be wed, and one or both of them are part of some nefarious plan to rob everyone blind. That was the impression that any one of us could have been left with from just looking at the cover alone. Though there has to be more to it than that, right? The only question we were left with before flipping open that first page was what a conflicted bride, her dysfunctional family, a gang of Elvis-themed crooks, and one relentless sheriff have in common. By the end of the issue I was glad that there was a twist to this. If not for that, this could have been like any other robbery which interrupts a wedding. This creative team had fun with challenging the worst that can happen on your wedding day. Is it convincing yourself that your husband might not be the one? That an unfortunate event could disrupt the big day? Or maybe finding your past intruding back into your life? That is what you call a recipe for disaster.

As our main character, Emily Anderson off the bat was introduced to us as your average bride who was going through the motions. This was her big day, but here she was haunted by all the things which can make you your own worst enemy. They took an interesting approach to us getting to know Emily. Most of our understanding of who she is came from the way that she carried herself in the moments leading up to the wedding, and the wedding itself. If not through her, then we also figured some things out through her family which is indeed dysfunctional. With that said, I do hope that with the issues to come we dive a bit further into what makes her tick. This was good for a start, though right now I would say that it is the plot that carries most of your investment than the characters.

Speaking of the plot, the pacing was excellent. Given that this is about the robbery and discovering love is the ultimate hostage situation, little time would you want to waste giving readers what they came to see. There was set-up for the robbery, there was execution for the opening act, and then the twist at the end which would grab your attention to pick up the next issue.

Above all, I would say I found myself impressed with the interior art for this first issue. The art team of Gavin Guidry and Liz Kramer did a wonderful job in stirring the energy for this story visually. I would say that a book like this requires quality work to engage the readers, and they had it. The characters were well drawn, expressive, and lively. I was honestly caught off guard by the level of detail that Guidry was able to bring into such things like hair, clothing accessories, and even the way that clothing folds. What brought it all together was without a doubt Kramer’s colors. The depth and boldness, there was a perfect mix between both which was just right for this being a comedy. Personally I even love when colorists like Kramer are able to create shadows and sources of light without relying on too much black or white. This helps to make the right characters or objects pop with that energy I mentioned above.

Is Going to the Chapel #1 worth taking a chance on? I would say, yes. It was entertaining for a start, the story is well put together, and it finds away to stand out from stories similar. The book only requires a little more reason to invest in these characters. After that? I couldn’t find a reason not to add Going to the Chapel to your pull-list.

Going to the Chapel #1




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