Review: No One Left to Fight #3

The second issue of No One Left to Fight was great for the engagement that we got out of this trio. They hit their first destination, and we all got that first taste of their experience with relics of their past. While they have already pushed the envelope with the emotions this can stir up, this is still only the second issue. So I was looking forward to how this third issue could further shake things up. Especially for Vale who we last saw was about to run into a troublesome situation.

Wow, I mean wow. It was the issue previous where we were just getting hit with what happens when you aren’t prepared for the things that either did or didn’t change over the years. Then here we are jumping back into this scene with Vale and Winda, and it is almost a punch to the gut because you knew exactly how this was going to go. In a matter of a couple of issues, it was easy to peel back the layers to Vale. He spent all his young life fighting and training, little time trying to actually be a regular person. You know, the kind of person who goes after the things his heart desires? A functioning adult would at least have made that attempt, and this late in the game? It’s that much harder to find that kind of happiness. Now this could have simply been a shutdown and move on, but it’s not that simple when Vale also is not the kind of guy who will be upfront about the things he needs to say upfront. The end result is what you get here, except with the explosive nature of an action story added to the mix.

The scene overall made me cringe because of how real Winda kept it with Vale, but at the same time that is why you appreciate a character like her in a book like this. In a world where most are figuring themselves out and what they want, it is welcome to have someone who knows how to say it like it is. What started out as frustration, turned into saying all the things that no one else is willing to say because “He saved the world”.

Even by the end of the issue the punches kept rolling. For such an exciting book, there are some hard realities that we all find ourselves coming to terms with. I could appreciate all of it because there aren’t many books out there that will find the time to address these things that are vital to growing up. Understanding what you have, cherishing what you have, never taking that or anyone for granted. I wasn’t prepared for any of that from this story, and love it all the more for being that bold.

Now moving on from that, there was the big appeal for this issue. Since the end of the first issue it was teased that there was something or someone sinister coming for the group. I must say, ”The Coming of the Hierophant” did not disappoint one bit. I’m sure that some out there will want to look forward to that big fight between any one of these heroes and a villain, but this is also a story where you would expect just a bit more than that. In a world where there is “No One Left to Fight”, it makes more sense that there would be other ways for evil to slip into their lives. For Vale, this was the perfect time to challenge his resilience with this thing that is plaguing his mind.

So far I would have to say that this is my favorite issue from this art team. Fico Ossio, Raciel Avila, and even Taylor Esposito gave us the full package. Starting with the action, I thrilled by the explosiveness of it. It was pretty awesome to see what kind of unique power Winda had. She had raw strength, a distinguishing aura (A stunning use of color for her aura), and the way she carried herself commanded attention. Yet at the same time while I say this, I loved her feminine charms. She is an excellent example of how you can have that combination of beauty, power, and be able to show vulnerability. The same vulnerability was even shown in Vale. This was the first time where you could really see that part of him that’s so far thrown out of his comfort zone that only expressions could read what’s going through his head. And speaking of personal voices, that is where the lettering was also standout. For this issue in particular the sound effects were definitely unique to those like Winda. I love when they do more than what everyone is normally does to create a more engaging sense of imagery.

This was another fun issue of No One Left to Fight, but there was no denying how this creative team pulled no punches putting us through the ringer with the emotional elements to this story. Before I said that you see that they were also having fun with this, though at the same time now you can see how they also pour their hearts into the book. They care about the growth of these characters and right now it shows through every flip of the page.

No One Left to Fight #3




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