Carole & Tuesday “Immigrant Song” Review

Despite what we had seen from the previous episode, this week was the first time where I had no idea what to expect next. We got our big music numbers, as well as an exciting conclusion to the stalker angle. The big thing aside from that was the Cydonia Festival overall, but who knows what we have to look forward to from there.Especially with a questionable title such as “Immigrant Song”. This could mean a lot of things based on what we have seen so far. This is not to say this didn’t peak my interest as well.

In the case of Carole & Tuesday as a group, their next finish line was great. Considering this is their first year as artists, it only made sense what they had to look forward to, and this was much bigger than performing at the Cydonia Festival. For all we know, this could all be leading up to that moment that the opening sequence of each episode teases us with. While part of me would love for that to be the case, they probably have a ways to go before accomplishing anything THAT noteworthy in their timeline. Till then, it was just good to know that this duo and Angela both had something to create a progression off of. Things like the album and what not will of course be steps leading to that point. Speaking of Angela, this was also a great time to jump back into her actual personal life. There are some things we quickly ignored about her situation and I’m glad that they reminded us that this is still no easy road despite the current success.

One thing we did have to look forward to this week was Carole actually confronting Ezekiel to see if he is actually the boy she once knew from her past. The impression I got was that at the very least, the title of this episode might be addressing the relationship between these two. When we got to that point, I would say it was time well spent. Not only did we get down to who he is as Amer, we also got a better understanding of where he stands in the music world. It was one thing to know that he was a rapper, but it was another thing to get where he stands as someone trying to send a message through his music. I always thought that they would first try to push the refugee angle with Carole & Tuesday, but doing this with Ezekiel works just as well. You think of someone who will genuine make some noise, and of all the artists we’ve been introduced to so far, he would be the most fitting.

My only worry about this angle with Ezekiel was that we weren’t going to actually hear his brand of music in this episode. Fortunately for us they completed it by giving us a taste of what he has to offer Mars. I was actually impressed because this wasn’t at all what I had in mind. I was thinking they might go with more modern rap, which I hate to say lacks appeal. Though Ezekiel took us back to something classic which had meaning behind the words. His new single was something I could listen to more than once.

Now I was surprised that with this following episode, there was another music number awaiting us. It was unexpected, but it was also welcomed. Like some of their music before, once again we had the opportunity to enjoy their music when there’s a bit more melody and strength to hold it up.

Getting back to the political side of things, now the slow crawl is Tao and the part that it seems the people in power want him to play in it. This part is also a bit chilling like the stalker angle. We’ve already seen how far Valerie and company are willing to go to get ahead, so it’s safe to say that we should also brace ourselves for the lengths they are willing to go in order to not take no for an answer. After Tao’s recent act of heroics, the last thing you want for him is to become a victim of something he wants no part in.

Carole & Tuesday “Immigrant Song” had a lot going for it. Things are getting intense everywhere you turn, and I for one am just glad that they have found a way to engage us in all of these storylines without sacrificing our investment in the music. You would have never thought the politics would weave so thoroughly into the story and they have so far done it effortlessly, while at the same time addressing some of the deeper rooted problems of this world too.

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