Dr. Stone “A Flimsy Alliance” Review

Last week brought us to our first of many monumental milestones. To have come this far to already generate electricity is an excellent start for Senku despite how primitive the mechanics are. With electricity, the number of things they can now accomplish has now doubled, and makes you that much more interested in what comes next.

Given the title of this episode, the expectation was that we might probably see more interaction between team science and the village. Of course this also meant that there would be some tension brewing between the two since science hasn’t yet been welcomed by those who hold the most power. What form this took was what shocked me the most since this still isn’t one of those series that you expect to get a bit dark. Things have actually been quite comedic and whimsical aside from the dealings with Tsukasa. Now, those of us who simply watch the anime at least know that we should prepare ourselves for the worst that can happen when trying to change those who were born into the stone world. That said, by the end we come to realize what this flimsy alliance actually is, and I was on board with it. An alliance with anyone from the village, or the village itself feels like something that has to be earned through greater trials. Who they managed to win over at the end of the day was worthwhile for what is also seen as the long game.

From the perspective of Kohaku, we understood much more than we ever could than if we simply walked through the village. For even a primitive community, there still had to be something about it which held them where they were at. As I pointed out above, the root problem was definitely those who held power, and there was no better time than now to figure out why. If it wasn’t the village elder who is also her father, then it was their meathead warrior Magma who has his own sinister agenda. By the end of the episode we got a strong reminder of what is at stake here. The science is nice, but it only matters if they are ultimately able to save a life. The only life that would make the proper case that science is not the evil that they should be focusing on.

With the introduction of Asagiri, it was fitting that we could also see what the moment was like for him when he was awakened. Especially since he had the pleasure of being freed by Tsukasa. When he only means to free people who also fit his needs, you wanted to know what his end game was with Asagiri. Obviously he wanted someone who could confirm Senku was dead and think on his feet, but there still had to have been some other details of his plans. The devil is always in the details. We have learned quickly enough already that despite Tsukasa not being a genius like Senku, this by no means suggests that he isn’t capable of figuring things out on his own.

What caught me off guard at the last couple minutes of the episode was finally seeing what Tsukasa had accomplished on his end so far. That was a terrifying realization of course since there was no way that he wouldn’t have taken advantage of the formula yet. My only question was still what we should expect from catching up with Taiju and Yuzuriha. Are they still alive? And if so, doing what exactly?

The science pretty much took a backseat this week, but I couldn’t argue with what this episode placed a spotlight on instead. There’s more to this story than making something new, and it makes a big difference to keep everyone on the same page through personal storylines. Pressing the end game of Kohaku and Chrome makes it important that they overcome everything that this village is trying to throw at them. Dr. Stone “A Flimsy Alliance” was satisfying for balancing things out through an assurance that we can get just as much substance out of this as style.

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