Killjoys “Don’t Stop Beweaving” Review

The best take away from last week’s Killjoys was the realization that the episode was ultimately structured to move the pieces back to where they needed to be for a true offensive to begin. Minus a couple of members, Team Awesome Force is back together as a whole. This is what we have been waiting for, and this week hopefully would make our patience worth the wait.

Dutch and Zeph embarking on this sisterly road trip to the dangerous cult on Leith to find the key to The Lady’s destruction was an emotional roller coaster. The minute Zeph said that she had someone to turn to for answers, this could have only meant someone who she knew personally. This could have only meant family. Though the question of course was how on Earth farmers could be of any use to the team for saving Westerley. The answer to that was pretty simple and straightforward, but obviously not without challenges.

This season has already done a lot to play with our emotions this season, but this week continued to see how far they could push it. I’m not going to lie, the breakout character in this show has to be Zeph. I remember when she was first introduced, I didn’t blink twice at the thought that she might be here one minute and be gone. Yet here she is being sch a pillar of emotion for everything complicated about her life. We went through a lot with her this time around when it was time to finally address the looming nightmare that was the way that she was treated when growing up. It was always one thing to know that they treated her like the freak, and another thing to see it all in person. Everything about her story was convincing and sympathetic.

What managed to catch me off guard was how this turned out to be one of the more mature moments for Dutch. Normally she is not very good in the realm of emotions, and yet she dug deep for Zeph. That sisterly bond between them is not something to ignore. What she has with Aneela is still special, but with Zeph every new obstacle they overcome makes their bond stronger.

Now what I wasn’t prepare for was what the Jaquobis brothers were up to on their end. It made sense that the next step for the team would be to militarize the inmates on the ship. Right now this is the best army that they are ever going to get considering just about everyone else has no interest in fighting The Lady. Just this trip to Leith said more than enough about the perspective from the outside. So this brings us to how they planned on getting these inmates inline. The last thing that comes to mind is playing tag. This was clearly going to be something that could be fun, yet at the same time we were just bracing ourselves for what would inevitably go wrong with this plan. It was going to take more than some team-building exercise, and it was certainly going to take more than the two trying to appeal to these criminal’s soft side. What made this an excellent plot for the episode was seeing where they could go a different route from what would have been pretty predictable. You thought this would go wrong one way, and it ended up being someone else entirely who create trouble for everyone.

Still even now things were chilling between Khylen and The Lady. It hit hard to see how intense things could get when The Lady is running out of time in this body and at the same time losing herself to her emotions. At this point it was anyone’s guess what she would do in this state. She’s dying, and villains like her do the most unpredictable and rash things when their backs are against the wall. With that said, this created another thrilling moment for Khylen where again he was put in the driver’s seat. Not the most ideal position that he was put into, but it has always been a treat when he proves that it will take a lot to get to him. Especially when you have someone like him who knows all the right buttons to press to get someone to do or say whatever he wants. It was also good that this time around what he got was not what he planned for from The Lady. I believe all of us were a bit caught off guard by the end of the episode.

The opening scene was one of my favorites. When the episode started, I wasn’t exactly looking at the screen, and then the next minute I hear the most bubbly song every play and it made me wonder if I was really playing the right show. Looked up and there I saw one of the most whimsical scenes for anyone on this team, and I loved it. You look for new and refreshing ways to throw viewers off guard, and this is how you do it. As for the end of the episode, words couldn’t describe the way this warmed my heart.

Killjoys “Don’t Stop Beweaving” was just as fun as any other episode, though at the same time one of those episodes that breaks your heart to think that this is really it. Team Awesome Force is together again, and not a minute was wasted to remind us why we have missed this true reunion since the start of the season.

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