Titans Season 2 Premiere “Trigun” Review

I always found it funny when people asked whether or not Titans was cancelled yet, and this was well after the series was renewed for a second season. One thing which has become abundantly clear is that those who disliked Titans were only the vocal minority. If I’m being perfectly honest, I was pretty harsh on the show too, but that was before the first episode even premiered. You can have your reservations, what matters at the end of the day is still giving something a shot with an open mind. I believe we all did, and the first season did not disappoint. Now comes the season two, and they have teased us with so much to look forward to when this is the time that the Titans are actually born.

With that said, of course you do wonder how we get from point A to point B. Last we saw of these characters, they were still dealing with Trigun. I think we all wondered whether what we were seeing from the trailers is actually real. Do they defeat Trigun? Or is the Titans all in someone’s head? These are things we had to know! From the start of this season two premiere, the story picked up right where things left off from before. It was still an urgent situation with it down to Rachel and Gar to survive Trigun after he got to Dick. If this was part of the first season like it was initially supposed to be, I would have called this my second favorite episode for the horror-like atmosphere that it carried. Whether it was the twisting and turning of the house, or the idea of a dark Dick sent after them, this was as dangerous as it gets for two kids who still hadn’t achieved their full potential. I mean, from the promotional material alone, we saw a bloodied up Gar. This wasn’t from when he got sick earlier, so this meant that something else happened to him. The answer to that was quite brutal.

Something else we knew we could expect was that the cavalry would also have obstacles to run through if they wanted to have any chance at saving Rachel, Gar, and Dick. The minute you saw those black eyes, it meant that they would have to run through the same nightmare scenario as Dick. What each of them experienced hit hard because we were seeing some of them at their most vulnerable. We definitely saw the darkness within some of them that has yet to be resolved. I wished we could see more of them in action to make this a legitimate boss battle, but it seems they were trying to settle this more through a matter of heart. I can’t argue with that when most try to condemn this show for being dark. As you would see here, there can be darkness and still find ways to reach you.

When it came to Trigun, I would say that my impression of the villain was mixed. Everything about his actions and dialogue was spot on, though when you have seen Swamp Thing? It makes you wish that they put just a bit more money into making Trigun look solid. For the size they chose for him, this could have easy been someone big in a legit costume rather than CGI. The look itself wasn’t bad, but you could clearly see that this was all digital effect. Beyond that, as I said, he was great for the dialogue written for him. Who doesn’t love the villains who know just how to elicit the right emotions from the heroes? He did this with ease while still being someone who could overpower anyone with ease.

My only complaint about how this ended was just the way that Trigun was defeated. It was an explosive end, but at the same time it was also a bit messy visually. They could have squeezed just a bit more out of that scene so that we actually even knew what was happening in the moment.

The introduction of Bruce Wayne towards the end was bold. In so many shows like this they try so hard to dodge bit time heroes like this, so I found it welcoming that they would actually show us here that Bruce exists in this world. Maybe that’s because these shows tend to be their own thing on the streaming service, though regardless it was a touching scene for a personal moment outside of Dick interacting with current friends. That said, Iain Glen playing as Bruce took a bit of adjustment. You don’t always think of Bruce having that kind of accent, but the demeanor more than made up for this.

Overall, the Titans Season 2 premiere felt exactly like they said it would. This may have been the season 2 premiere, but it definitely ran like what the season 1 finale should have been. Where it felt more like a start than a finish is the way they closed one door and opened up to one new. This was the first episode where it felt like the Titans were a thing, and now still becoming when the enxt episodes should address what convinces the others to join up. I mean, I for one would love to see what Kory is up to on her own to go from what she used to wear, to how they have teased that she looks now.

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