Demon Slayer “Hashira Meeting” Review

I’ve been saying this for a week, I was anticipating this one for the pettiness that these Hashiras have been showing my girl Nezuko. She’s saved Tanjiro multiple times, and was the very reason he was able to defeat Rui without losing his life in the process. This would be that time where you would expect a bit of gratitude for her existence.While I couldn’t say I was too interested in getting to know these slayers, I was interested in seeing how they would act once they knew that they couldn’t get the reaction they were looking for from Nezuko.

Now I’m not going to lie, I expected a bit more out of the trial that Tanjiro and Nezuko were put through. The way they were treating Nezuko made you think that they were going to go big between her decision not to try to eat Sanemi Shinazugawa, and what what would follow after not going through with it. However, who could have a problem with what we got instead? There was no better time than now to genuinely take things from Neuko’s perspective to understand what she experiences every moment that she fights to protect humans. If Nezuko is to be the important character they are building her up to be, then the time is now for us to see where her true strength lies. I mean, surely enough most of us would have loved to see her tear the head off of the guy stabbing her multiple times and taunting her with blood. Though that gets you nowhere when the power behind the storytelling in this scene was capturing her fortitude more than anything else. Personally, I just look forward to the day where she can walk about without the bamboo in her mouth. Sometimes I do think it wouldn’t hurt to be able to hear what she could have to say.

Like the episode before, I still did walk away with the feeling that they could have done a bit more with the master. He’s obviously respected, but it’s not something he really convinces you off through his demeanor and handling of situations. The Hashiras were undeniably out of line more than they should have been allowed, and this was the perfect opportunity to also show us why someone at the very top should be feared. Right now we just see a blind guy, which does nothing for us currently.

It was expected that at some point here we were going to see Tanjiro run into Zenitsu and Inosuke again. This was one of the more enjoyable scenes because of the change in atmosphere when they are together. Others are goofy, but not in a way that you would call sincere like the bond that these three share. This is not to say that it didn’t break your heart to see the state of mind which Inosuke was thrown into, but this is all a part of his progression. In fact, after seeing what he and Zenitsu might be capable of down the road, I’m all for anything that gives them a push to get stronger. The best case scenario would be that they work closer together rather than being sent off on their own. If that’s already the case in the manga, I wouldn’t know, but I’m here for it.

Now being that this episode is called “Hashira Meeting”, this meant that there had to still be more to the Hashiras coming together like this at the mansion. They didn’t say anything that changed what you already knew about the plot, but at the very least you know that things are about to get more serious for the demon slayers. For all their talk, it should be good to see what happens when they have to face down the same obstacles.

Demon Slayer “Hashira Meeting” turned out to be one of the lighter episodes again, and I couldn’t argue with the results. When Demon Slayer throws us into the action, they go all out, they have our faith that this will usually be the case. So, getting some of the more subtle episodes where the characters can wind down is a good change of pace. Especially when an episode like this also reinforces the relationship between Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke.

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