Isekai Cheat Magician “Turning Point” Review

***Spoilers Below***

After the commencement of battle, they began to have my attention in a way that they weren’t able to before. That initial clash got the ball rolling with the both sides being able to see what the other is capable of. The important thing from there was how this story would pick up from there. Momentum and pacing right now is key to maintaining excitement for something that is supposed to shake up the way we look at this world.

This episode was a bold choice for the way they used this time as a buffer for the next phase of the war. I mean, surely enough we all were probably on the same page with the idea that the war had already started. Though here we are understanding that the battle last week was only just a battle. One would have assumed that such a battle was itself a declaration of war. As a buffer, it also did matter how they used this time, because otherwise I would have actually called this a filler episode. The first thing to jump out at me was the way that we finally got a new game element thrown in. For a while now it was driving me a bit mad that Taichi and Rin have gone so long without showing any true growth. It was one thing to suddenly see something in the spur of the moment, but it was another thing to actually see this change on their selves.

Getting their first upgrades was a great change in pace since what you wield is just as important as what you yourself can do. For example, Rin is very capable in battle and resourceful with her spells. However, it’s hard to feel convinced by this power when she is walking around with a staff that looks pretty basic. It looked like something you would find your character walking around with at level one. So it was about time that she could step up to something that actually looked strong. Not only strong, but even a bit stylish. This new staff also matched her attire perfectly. What Taichi picked up was strange considering the era of this game world, but it should be interesting to see what he can do with a sword that you could also say works very well with his choice in power.

Speaking of Taichi, it only felt like a buffer because of the confrontation that we were prepared for him to get into with Cassim. This was a long time coming since Taichi first encountered him, and I can’t argue with something like this happening now rather than in the middle of the war where you would care little for trivial distractions. The fight was one of the better scenes that we have gotten out of the series because there was an embrace to actual combat. Blades were swung, spells were cast that we didn’t see before, though the best thing was seeing the combination of both used together in a way that kept things moving with momentum.

Aside from this, it was good to actually put a face to whoever this is at the top for the villains. We still don’t know all there is we need to know about them, but it is appreciated that we are slowly pulling back the curtains on all the mystery behind them. Obviously something greater is unfolding beyond the war, and this might be what we should anticipate most since their end game is for the most part unknown.

Isekai Cheat Magician “Turning Point” was definitely one of the better episodes we have gotten so far. There was a lot that we got out of this one that gave us things we should have been seeing more of before. More legitimate battles, more familiar game mechanics beyond “cheats”, and actual stakes for the enemies go a long way and made a big difference this week.

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