Review: Collapser #3

For the conclusion to the second issue, the timing was just right to show that Liam isn’t as crazy as everyone has made him think he is. This was always the thing I was worried about most with the story. The pacing so far has been great, but it would have probably been an issue too long if we jumped into the third chapter and Liam was still trying to get past the idea that everything is just in his head. At some point those things he saw would have to have an impact on the world around him, and sooner or later he would have to actually take notice of this black hole in his chest.

The timing for that was great as I said, and so was the choice to make this the issue where clarity is brought to Liam’s situation. Liam needed it, and so did we to understand exactly what is unfolding. How they approached us getting these answers was engaging because in the moment we learned something about the black hole that makes it that much more special. There were hints that it had a mind of its own, but there was nothing concrete to back that up till now. Where I found myself impressed with the explanation, is that all of it was easy to digest. My other worry for this book was that this might be one of those where the creative team goes a bit too wild with their concept and lose you to something that may or may not go over your head. The smart ones are the ones who know how to break their idea down into something you could be able to explain yourself if you had to.

With that said, there was a number of things discovered through this story that made a lot of sense when it came down to questioning why Liam of all people. We knew that the person who had the black hole last was related to him, but there of course had to be more to simply knowing a simple relation. I mean, it’s not as if the synopsis didn’t already say “That feeling when a dead man tells you that your parents were superheroes from another planet”, but even then you would have expected the connection to the black hole to have ended with the mother. Seeing how much further that mystery went was pretty cool.

Especially when all of these revelations lead to understanding what kinds of threats are coming for Liam. Till those threats make themselves known, it was bold to see how fast they were ready to throw Liam into this new life that he is able to live with these powers. We all wanted to see where he becomes this famous hero and DJ, and it all starts right here. Hard to argue with the transition he took on when you have seen the kind of hand he has been dealt most of his life.

The fun in this issue was definitely in the art team having the opportunity to stretch their legs to embrace everything wild about this world. This is what it looks like when sci-fi and reality clash. It was one thing to see all of these unique aliens popping up left and right, and nothing thing to see them unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. The same could be said about the bombing attack that came from a freaking hot air balloon. I think what I loved the most about all of this is that as the penciler, Ilias Kyriazis handled all of this without it getting messy. It takes a great deal of patience and attention to detail in order to have this much going on without taking shortcuts. The destruction of the cities, people scattering in all directions, the aliens, and let’s not forget the twisting of the pages to capture the unique nature of the black hole. All of these things kept us engaged visually from one page to the next. I also have to commend the distinguishing style of Cris Peter as the colorist. This is one of those books where you expect things to get flashy, and he had his own way of going about it using one distinct color scheme. The best thing he does is create the consistent visual that the black hole is always the most important thing on the page. It always pops as that one object which is more solid than anything else.

Collapser #3 closes one door for Liam James, and opens the door to a new world of opportunity for the nursing home employee now turned superhero/DJ. In the case of Liam, with great power comes great fame. The only question is what kind of dangers he will open himself up to with a target on his back bigger than the hole in his chest. Issue #3 out of 6 was the best time to flesh out this world, explain the black hole, and set us up for what comes next.

Collapser #3




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