Review: Go Go Power Rangers #23

With the previous issue of Go Go Power Rangers being so personal, I was definitely preparing myself for a more intense issue to follow. Especially when you have Jason being taken on a trip through the past events of Shattered Grid, and the rest of the team facing off against one vengeful Warbunny. Yeah, I know, I can just barely take that name seriously myself. Though so far this has not disappointed as an encounter which would be so easily won for the Rangers.

I gotta hand it to this creative team. I did not expect that Go Go Power Rangers would take this direction when things began to catch up with where the Mighty Morphin series entered the Shattered Grid event. You would have expected that things would have simply eased into that point in time, with the difference that things kept going without the interference of Lord Drakkon. However, I suppose that would have been too simple. What’s a story like this without the team or someone experiencing something that throws them outside of their comfort zone? Because that is exactly what you would call this situation for Jason. This is definitely what you would call a necessary evil since that is a lot for any regular person to take in at once.

While it was unclear exactly where this was leading Jason through the initial experience of these old memories, it was great that by the end of this issue we knew what this was all setting up. While this is a big twist to the story, you still also want to make sure that we aren’t breaking Jason away from responsibility that is hard to neglect without someone taking notice. Which brings me to one of the direct responses to this adventure of his. We know that this is going to lead to some drama. It’s just one of those kinds of stories. When that time comes, we need to know that this will be handled organically. Without resorting to teen tropes.

We also don’t get around to the forming of this new, covert team of Power Rangers this issue. Not a bad thing, but they do enough for us that you would look forward to who they pull together to face these new threats.

Catching up with the rest of the team, this new development for Jason doesn’t ignore what the rest of them are dealing with at the hands of Lord Zedd’s newest creation. This of course was a more action-heavy scene that we were returning to, but all the same a thrill because this isn’t your average monster creation. You can’t simply kill something that was transformed from a rabbit you technically own. That is where Zedd differs from Rita, he tries to actually force the Rangers into compromising situations.

Not going to lie, Warbunny is one of my favorite monsters created for the Rangers. This one was of course on the nose like any other design, but this one had more appeal for the ferocity put into it. This one actually looked like a vision come to life and carried an imposing presence. The action scene itself was both intense and exciting for the fact that the best way to challenge one of these enemies is to give them a lot of moving targets. That’s what you get when the Zords don’t have the capability to transform into the Megazord. With that said, the way Warbunny moved was also pretty cool. It’s movements flowed from one into the next, and Mora made every impact convincing when that hammer pulled back to be swung full force. Aside from this, I loved the opportunity to revisit one of the final battles with Lord Drakkon from a different perspective. There was small changes here and there given the way that Jason was thrust into this remembrance, but all the same you would find yourself impressed with how close this art team got to recreating the moment. Beyond that, it was flashy, and the color work was great for capturing the energy from all of these different Rangers springing into action.

Shattered Grid may not have been too long ago, but the trip down some of the more climatic moments was more than welcomed in this issue. Go Go Power Rangers #23 did a lot and kept you at the edge of your seat when these Rangers have reached a point where it takes more than compromise or strenuous flashbacks to hold them back. The only question is when enough is enough with the stakes becoming more personal with each passing attack. That is where I hope this creative team pushes the envelope most.

Go Go Power Rangers #23




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