Review: Justice League Odyssey #13

You think the Justice League has it rough, and then you follow the Odyssey team and see that it could always be worse for them. Three have been transformed against their will into Darkseid’s New New Gods, and then you have one Jessica Cruz who has fallen victim to what happens when you take on an Omega Beam point blank.Now that we have gotten to the worst case scenario for this team, I believe we have reached that point in the story where in some way there is a chance to turn things around.

I remember some people already figuring out that this probably wasn’t going to be the end for Jessica Cruz. What we saw was definitely a Green Lantern burned to a crisp, but it was safe to say that this creative team wasn’t going to do her like that. A hero like Jessica tends to deserve much more than that kind of death. Especially as a hero who could so defiantly stand up to the likes of Darkseid when she had little to no juice to be able to fight back. So with that said, the big question was what fate they had in store for her if this was not going to be her permanent end. The answer to that was full of intrigue because it was quite the explanation they gave towards what happened in the moment that she was killed. It was definitely out there in things that can happen when you face down Darkseid with a Lantern ring, and out there enough that it was hard to deny the possibility.

Things got interesting in this chapter because from the start of the issue we were thrust into a different story unfolding. There was three characters this focused on, and only one of them was actually familiar, even though you questioned why at all that character was involved in anything dealing with Darkseid.

The only problem I had was with the new introductions to the story. I liked the idea that there are others out there who also notice that Darkseid is a problem that needs to be dealt with, but these characters didn’t have too much going on for them. A certain fan favorite Lantern was among those three, but I’ve personally never seen the appeal of that one. We got a small introduction to the second, but she was just there to make smart conversation. Then you had the third who was a mix of being a prick, and a complete mystery. They didn’t do too much for him to create a desire to know what is under the helmet.

At the very least, you will always have appealing visuals to hold your attention. Particularly when it is Will Conrad on pencils. Artists like him thrive with stories like this because when they get up close and personal, there’s never a lack of engagement from the way that the characters look or move. While the next characters don’t jump out at your for who they are, you are able to appreciate the creativeness that went into their designs. For someone full of mystery, the guy in the suit did look sleek. Aside from this, Rain Beredo continues to impress me for his ability to deliver such flashy colors. Normally you don’t see him get this chance to be bold or intense, and that might actually be where he shines best.

By the end of Justice League Odyssey #13, I would say that my reaction to this was mixed. On one hand the twist was great, but on the other hand the direction that the story took from there was questionable. At least for now. The next issue is going to have to pull out the stops in order to convince us that this isn’t where things begin to run too wild from what had an impressive focus before.

Justice League Odyssey #13




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