Review: Powers of X #4

It was pretty crazy coming to the realization that nothing we were seeing from Powers of X so far was as it seemed. In that moment, everything began to make sense about the title of this book, and House of X too. Even then, just when you thought you were ready for what comes next, boom, worst case scenario for the X-Men. As I said before, we knew that things were going to go south at certain points, but that didn’t mean you were prepared for the how. The big question right now is where the twist at the end of the previous issue fits into what follows.

Where this issue began was just what we needed after the bomb dropped on our laps last month. Even though we wrapped up one life of Moira’s, there was still other lifetimes for us to explore where we didn’t quite get all the details to how events unfolded. One that of course peaked my interest more than most was X1. That is because it’s a unique scenario where you actually have Charles and Magneto working side by side for a solution to their problems. It was also kind of nostalgic as the last time we actually saw them working like this was too long ago to remember how exactly things played out. With that said, the big thing here was seeing what they would do next. This surprised me because of who they prioritized confronting next, and where that would eventually lead the mutants down the road.

The other story I admired was the one which created clarity to how the Krakoan system was created. This was actually what I was looking forward to, and they did not disappoint. This part of the story was much more down to Earth and engaging. Obviously this would deal with Charles and Cypher, but the most important thing was what would happen that set events in motion for us to start making the shift from mutants to Krakoans. My biggest worry was that this may be one of those points where Hickman goes a bit too crazy in scope of this idea, and fortunately for us? That was far from the case. The progression here was as straightforward as it gets, and we walked away knowing much more about Krakoa than we ever have before. This was just the right piece of exploration that we needed, that is if you were looking for the mutants to touch some uncharted territory. Not to say no one has been on Krakoa before, though not like this.

As with the other issues of Powers of X, once more I was impressed with the way that this creative team chose to use those extra pages to flesh out the story through text. These pages of notes do more for us than double what those pages could have been if you were trying to also create an image to match. I mean, there was images, but for the most part it was the simple shapes and symbols you were already used to see. With, might I add, some extra objects which made excellent use of painted reds.

Now of course this wouldn’t be a follow-up issue if nothing transitioned from where we last left off. This part of the story I admit I didn’t hold too much investment in, though it’s hard to argue with the importance in knowing where things in the pursuit of transcendence and survival end.

Stunning work once more from R.B. Silva, Marte Gracia, Cowles, and Tom Muller. Nothing hits me more than seeing what an accomplished art team can do when faced with the task of drawing a bunch of Sinisters. It goes without saying that it takes some attention to detail to draw him in so many ways and maintain uniformity. Your drawing the same face from different perspectives, and in different styles, though at the same time making them all unique from one another. Aside from that, I purely enjoyed the that look of amusement that Sinister always wears on his face. Even when he is being serious, you can tell that he is having a good time knowing that his worst case scenario is almost always out of reach. Aside from this, absolutely loved the chance to step foot on Krakoa again, because that is where Marte Gracia sweeps you off of your feet through his lush choices in color to breathe life into this living island. Right now I couldn’t imagine seeing that scenery under colors with lesser range and radiance.

By the end of Powers of X #4, I was overly joyed to know that halfway through this mini we could still see more of how these lifetimes played through. It doesn’t matter that you know that majority of these end in disaster, you would still want to know what led the X-Men to every life-changing decision they made.

Powers of X #4




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