Carole & Tuesday “It’s Too Late” Review

Things are getting intense everywhere you turn, and right now it is crazy to think that a story revolving around music could relate to us so much through a mirror of our world. Some people love their anime series to be so out there that they can escape everything realistic. For me, I welcome any that can embrace real world elements while still having fun with the things that can make the experience unique. Right now that series is Carole & Tuesday with every week continuing to push the envelope.

A lot of things happened in this episode, and much of it grabs your attention for how it all weaves into one direction. With Christmas approaching, it mattered that we could see what this holiday is like for Mars. For the most part it is celebrated the same, though the small differences were great for the overall engagement in this world. Especially when this is a new experience for at least one character. Speaking of Christmas, I still find it convenient that the Grammy Awards would be on Christmas, which is also Carole’s birthday, but it works for the kind of story told right now. As I said last week, this is the new goal line for the up and coming artists. It’s a slow crawl to that point, but I appreciate every effort they have made so far to center everything around that one pivotal moment. On the flip side, it seems like the political campaign serves as the main obstacle for many things unfolding. What is entertainment when the world is falling apart and headed in a troublesome direction? Tao is knocked down, Ezekiel is knocked down, Angela is barely hanging on, who is next?

With that said, the final conversation between Carole and Amer/Ezekiel went exactly how you might picture it. I mean I knew I had certain expectations about what would happen in that moment, but I’m glad they didn’t go with what I hoped. This is one of those stories where you want to dodge the things that would be predictable or simple. Their relationship is anything but for two kids who grew up in a refugee camp on another planet and made their way to Mars to coincidentally make a name for themselves through music.

For this episode we got two performances again. The first one caught me off guard because I was pretty sure that we were done with Amer/Ezekiel after finally getting our taste of his brand of music. It was a treat two get a second opportunity, and this one perfectly wrapped up his story arc. I enjoyed the way that this song summed up everything between himself and Carole that words could not say. As I said above, their final conversation went exactly how you might picture it, so this was the best you could ask for when a guy like him finally reveals what lies behind the mask. His words flowed, they had meaning, and it got the right response from everyone who needed to hear it. The other was Carole and Tuesday’s final song for their album. That did not disappoint one bit. Each time I say that one of their newer songs might be my favorite, they catch me off guard with a song which takes their skills to new levels. They improve with each passing week and it shows. The strength of their voice, their harmony, and their willingness to spice up their instrumentals.

Now this week I went through the motions with Angela. If you told me this is where she would find herself during the opening episodes of this series? I would have surely called you a liar. We know that Angela was always going to head down that road where child star meets disaster, but you weren’t prepared for it to happen like this. Not when it came to the deadly stalker, or realizing her life was not as it seemed, or drowning in legitimate loneliness. We look at rising stars like her and easily forget that it isn’t an easy road. There is hard work, there is stress, anxiety, everything that you think you have to measure up to or lose it all. These things create the nightmare scenario that she is currently experiencing and your heart aches for her to avoid what might be an inevitable fate. Those nothing is for sure till next week!

Carole & Tuesday “It’s Too Late” was a roller coaster of emotions. I was always prepared for some drama elements to exist in this series, but not like this. For as many uplifting moments, there are just as many that can break your heart. This episode was no exception when we come to understand the true stakes in the world they currently live in.

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