Review: Ironheart #10

There’s nothing like being around your kind of people. So far you love this meeting between Riri and Shuri as much as you did when Nadia came to visit her some issues back. Of course the difference being that there was some rough edges to smooth over for one Riri who took some time to see that she and Shuri were one in the same. Like-minds will clash, especially when they share the same personality. Though with all of that out of the way, now we can get down to business, which is finding the Wellspring of Power before the Ten Rings do!

Like with any new meeting, you expect that there is a bit of personal sharing. When you look for Riri growing as a person, that only comes from her being much more open than she normally allows herself to be. Whether it was Shuri or Silhouette opening up that channel of communication, it benefited Riri to know that even though all three of these girls come from different worlds, it doesn’t change the very things which helped mold who they became. A lot of heroes share that kind of bond, and all it takes is breaking out of your shell to notice this and embrace it. The best takeaway from this was seeing Riri dialed back from her usual attitude. The only way this wouldn’t have stuck was if she didn’t take all this new information in as if she was ready to learn.

With that said, where this issue transitioned best from the one previous is picking up with the same momentum, and carrying it through to the end. When it comes to a book like Ironheart, you appreciate the slower moments for the personal engagement and the science of it all, but when things pick up, your investment lies in how big they are willing to go. They went pretty big as the squad hit one checkpoint after the other, and had their fair share of kicking and blasting along the way.

The twist by the end of the issue was something that I’m sure will get some mixed reactions. It was a cool development for the fact that there is a more personal tie to this plot for Riri, other than trying to do this for the sake of it being the right thing to do. However, where some might find issue with this twist is that it may have come too far out of nowhere. You suddenly find yourself asking so many questions, which may have been the intention to add interest, though at the same time you still might wonder why. What happens next is definitely going to have to ease any concerns that may have been raised by this.

Now what I’m sure that most will be on the same page about is the excitement from a certain character who comes to their aid in this chapter. This did come out of nowhere to, but it is always appreciated that said character have a part in stories like this which involves Wakanda.

Having an issue more action-packed, this gave the art team plenty of room to have fun with these characters. Despite there being urgency to what these heroes had to do next, there was moments here and there where they could just be goofy. There was laughing, humorous reactions to each other, and just enough girls being girls. Their interactions would not have been half as entertaining if it were not for the way that Vecchio captured their energy through more bubbly appearances. This did make it somewhat hard to tell who was young and who was older, but that’s a minor thing to worry about. Again we also got an issue where Milla made the art pop. His colors are bold, vibrant, and full of range. He strikes a perfect balance between flashy, and trying to be realistic considering the natural setting. Aside from this, the layouts from Geoffo continue to be standout for the way he keeps the style of the panels and pages ever-changing from page to page. When readers look for refreshing visuals, this is what they mean.

Ironheart and her new squad had quite the adventure this week. Excellent character development, satisfying action scenes, and one heck of a twist by the end of Ironheart #10. To even say that Riri was literally in for a surprise when she meets her match was quite the understatement. I would have initially assumed that Wakanda was just going to be another stop, but I’m glad that right now it has become something much more. This is the kind of environment where a genius like Riri thrives, even if she hasn’t had too much time to learn everything she can from this place.

Ironheart #10




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