Killjoys “Terraformance Anxiety” Review

There’s no better place for our heroes than where they are at right now. This is the second to last episode of the series as a whole. “Don’t Stop Beweaving” last week reunited a good majority of this team and it just felt right seeing them all truly appreciate the idea that they could be together for what comes next. A strong reminder that we are nearing a definite end, yet at the same time sparking the thrill of Team Awesome Force knowing that they can now launch a proper assault against The Lady.

The big thing about this episode was kicking the urgency into high gear. There’s no other way to put it, Westerley is running out of time. How they jumped into this next phase of their plans made the statement that they are now running against a clock. One which has also been set to an excellent pace when we didn’t even have to wait long to give Dutch the opportunity to flex the resources that she and the Jaqobis brothers have pulled together up to this point. Before we even talk about their offensive, let’s talk about the emotional weight of this first half of the battle. That captivated me more than anything else because this was one of the more personal moments for Dutch when confronted with the idea of losing her home.

KILLJOYS — “Terraformance Anxiety” Episode 509 — Pictured: (l-r) Aaron Ashmore as John, Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch — (Photo by: Ken Woroner/Killjoys V Productions Limited/SYFY)

Now of course there had to be a build-up to the offensive on Old Town. You don’t simply throw a bunch of prisoners together and spring into action without some sort of encouragement. This would all be too easy for them if they could round-up all of these people who have little to gain from what might be suicide. If this was her last time, they knocked it out of the park allowing Dutch to dig deep and actually reach other people. For most of this war, Dutch has struggled with seeing this as anything more than a fight. They nailed the opportunity for Dutch to pour her heart into explaining what it is exactly that she is fighting for. Someone else who stood out for being able to reach people turned out to be Fancy. This season he has been exceptional because every time he talks you realize you never truly know him the way you think. He knows things no one else knows, says things full of reason which others lack, and most of all does this with the right sense of tone.

With that said, the assault on the factories was clever for how this team played to their strengths. That being having a plan and being completely unpredictable about it. I thought it was fun that we followed one thing, and then at the end find out that something else entirely was unfolding. Growth for these three is when they actually plan steps ahead, and plan for what they know about the enemy. The choice of music was fitting, as well as the way they cut between the shooting and what was unfolding on Westerley. The shooting was quick, but they took their time letting the trio do what they do best when it came to a good ol’ fashioned ***kicking.

KILLJOYS — “Terraformance Anxiety” Episode 509 — Pictured: (l-r) Aaron Ashmore as John, Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, Luke Macfarlane as D’Avin — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys V Productions Limited/SYFY)

What hits you out of nowhere is the brilliance of the writing for the people still on Westerley. It was one thing to be the half of the team out in space trying to save the people of Old Town, and another thing to be one of those people on the ground and actually experiencing what has been unleashed. How these people handled the situation was only natural. You knew there was going to be panic, there was going to be loss. However, the embracing of who they are and who they needed to be in the moment was powerful. It meant so much more that characters like Pree and Turin could also influence this as people who have time and time again reminded you of what it looks like when you truly care about the people around you.

Where things did get interesting was how they sped things along to include one more set of allies to the mix. It goes without saying that they have done very well by making sure that there is no character left behind. These two came at a great time when there are still other ways to fight this war than just directly. It was fun since this did end up involving the Qresh, and their customs are just not something anyone could get used to aside from one character.

KILLJOYS — “Terraformance Anxiety” Episode 509 — Pictured: Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch — (Photo by: Ken Woroner/Killjoys V Productions Limited/SYFY)

By the end of Killjoys “Terraformance Anxiety”, that was when you could genuinely say that this was looking like a real war. To shift gears like this to deal such a heavy blow against The Lady was a great lead into the season finale next week. With next week being it, the stakes have been set on both sides, and it seems that both are willing to go the distance to stop the other. I only hope that the episode ends up being a bit longer than most since we are going to be looking forward to a satisfying end to the war, and a send-off that leaves us with the feeling that the years following these characters/story was worth the journey.

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