Dr. Stone “Clear World” Review

Last week was a big one for fans of Dr. Stone. Some may actually just look at that episode and see a flimsy alliance, but it goes beyond that. This was one of Senku’s most important alliances he could make right now. Not just because he might introduce Coke, but because we know that this war can be fought outside of having brawn or numbers. Sometimes all it takes is showing people that what you offer is better than what the other person can. Which brings us to this week’s episode which seems to give us the impression that there is a new character to meet, and hopefully this one is just as interesting and important as the role Asagiri now plays for the Kingdom of Science.

The big thing this week turned out to be the creation of glass. This was an unexpected development, but also one that I could not argue with since it is a crucial step in being able to make medicine. Like any other milestone they achieve, this one grabbed your attention for the science hat went into doing this step by step. Sometimes you forget what things such as glass are made of, and you also forget the kind of process that goes into molding it. You certainly may find yourself new to the concept of glass blowing. I loved that this was the method for them creating the flasks that would soon hold their chemicals for making the medicine.

This of course brings us to our next new character. This one was just as interesting as Asagiri because Kaseki has that one thing about him that makes him a valuable asset. As we saw from the preview for this episode, his thing is actually being a craftsman skilled enough to help this team with that part of their labor. Like anyone else he was never going to be easy to convince to help too. I enjoyed the approach they took towards getting him on their side. For an old guy, he was just as amusing for the sense of wonder that he took in towards what they are doing. What stuck the landing here was the way that Senku egged this guy on to help him. At this point we know that Senku will be pretty aggressive in his execution, but at the same time he is always going to be sly about getting someone to do what he wants without them realizing it. For now it works, though I can’t help but wonder what will happen on the day where it won’t work on the wrong person.

It goes without saying as well that the music they had going in the background while Kaseki was doing his thing was perfection. I love when an anime series is playful with the kind of background music they have going on. You’re not always going to get someone willing to experiment with modern over top of old.

I found myself very touched by the story they told through Suika. This character I expected to be very minor. You know, the kind of character that is kind of there just to give a helping hand and be kind of awkward. What I didn’t prepare for was to be moved by the reveal of why she wears the melon helmet. Up to this point I’m sure that we all had already written her off as someone who just does that one thing which isolates them from everyone else considered normal. It was great to see that there was an actual reason, and this played brilliantly into the justification for glass being next on their list. Now I should also say that the reveal of Suika’s face was shocking. One would have also assumed that we would never see what’s underneath. I had my guesses pictured in my head, but I liked seeing that she looked nothing like what I envisioned. My reaction was probably the same as seeing what Inosuke looked like from Demon Slayer.

What also caught me off guard was the realization of a challenge which Kinro faces. This was an interesting way of shaking things up for the Grand Bout. Something obviously would have to make winning easier said than done, or even possible through sheer training. This was excellent, while at the same time connecting to other things going on with team science.

By the end of the episode, I think this was the first time where I was able to take a step back and actually admire the way that this story progresses as if a game. It’s pretty cool how they decided to do things like “so and so unlocked”. This brightens up every moment where they achieve something that changes the course of everything else to follow. Glass this week takes us in a whole new direction when now there is a bit more legitimacy added to the work they conduct. Not to mention better ways to store their stuff. Right now the Kingdom of Science is really shaping up, isn’t it?!

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