Review: Justice League #32

After the events of part two of The Justice Doom War, much-needed clarity could be found in the strategy of the Legion as they began making their final moves to ensure the spread of doom. This may look like just another hurdle for the League, but at this point you are in this to see how they rise to the occasion.

With this issue we jump back to the past again with The Flash and Green Lantern. While the issue before was more of an introductory phase and execution of the obstacle they would have to face to recover the fragment, this one puts a bit more time into playing with their connections to their counterparts. I liked this because on one hand it is always interesting for two Lanterns to cross paths like this. Especially when one understands what it means to be a lantern, and the other one is pretty oblivious outside of capabilities. On the other hand you have two speedsters who have clearly crossed paths before, but the resetting of the timeline made it so that this familiarity is nothing more than a feeling, rather than an actuality or memory. With that said, it was entertaining to see how they and the rest of these heroes would take on a situation where they were already steps behind.

In the future, it didn’t surprise me that the situation that the Trinity found themselves in would be more dire. When you put three of the best together like this? The expectation is that they will face a danger more challenging than the rest. Initially I was worried that throwing only Brainiac at them was going to be a losing battle for him, but he did prove to be more than enough to handle things on his own. The chaos and trial that he has already out them through was satisfying, even if you were waiting for when he might crank the dial to intensify the situation. By the end of the issue, what stood out to me most was the running theme that they kept consistent from start to finish. One thing I admire the most about the writing for Wonder Woman these days is the heart that she brings out in a story. This is a situation where you look for courage and she is just full of it when you need it most.

From the Legion of Doom’s perspective, I love how things aren’t quite perfect there despite the numerous victories they have under their belt. This would all be too easy if there wasn’t some chink in the armor of the villains. I mean, they are the villains after all. It was some issues back where I mentioned that you could see where they might fall apart. It will take some time before we actually know how specifically, but for now you enjoy the speculation of everything that comes into question when it comes to the way that Luthor is leading this team. With that said, till that point it is cool seeing their confidence levels when faced with the opportunity to do the things they have always wanted to do to their rivals.

The best thing about this run of Justice League, and it being an event book. is how the interior art is consistently quality work. As I’ve said multiple times, it doesn’t matter who does the art one issue or the other. It is pretty rare out of these thirty-two issues so far where you could say that the visuals disappointed you. The art team of Howard Porter and Hi-Fi knocked it out of the park. I absolutely felt floored from just the first page as Porter does not skip a beat with his pencils. Very detailed, precise in the way that he captures these characters, and renders them in a way that Hi-Fi is really just able to make it all pop. Hi-Fi you never have doubts with because these colors will always be both bold and brilliant. For this issue in particular it was a mix of the textures, gradients, and varying intensities which created perspective which jumped out at me more than anything else.

Part three turned out to be a very exciting chapter for The Justice Doom War. Justice League #32 gave us the best of both worlds, and that in itself impresses me because there is a lot going on at the same time right now. This is usually the part where a creative team might slip up while pulling us in too many directions, but this team knows what they are doing. Every piece of the story is engaging, and has a clear direction for where they will all converge as the final battle approaches.

Justice League #32




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