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As I said earlier this month, it doesn’t matter that you know that majority of these lifetimes of Moira X ended in disaster, you would still want to know what led the X-Men to every life-changing decision they made. Powers of X #4 continued to do so, and the hope was that issue #5 would push forward delivering the same answers we seek towards better understanding this new world of mutants.

Things kick off with the events of Year One. If I’m being honest, this part of every issue so far has been my favorite. I do enjoy the parts of the story which takes us through the future of the X-Men. Finding out that one of those timelines was a lifetime for Moira X? That was pretty awesome. Though at the same time, you come to understand that the future isn’t set in stone. For the X-Men it never is. This goes double when in last month’s issue of House of X we came to realize that there has actually been a system put in place to bring dead mutants back to life. So of course with this being Powers of X, this would be the best time to explore just how something like this became a possibility. In general, I love the fact that this book is used for the room given to explain the things that would have taken us away from the story being told in the present for House of X. How they approached this point in time was very engaging for the conversation which unfolded. This was again one of those points where they could have easily lost us to the science of it all, but once more Hickman proved to us that he can keep things on the level for everyone to remain on the same page.

Next in appeal would be Year Ten. This didn’t fully bring us to present time, but it got us somewhat close there as the decision was made to choose another point in time where Xavier and Magneto took their next steps towards creating this nation of Krakoa. While we see that this nation became a reality, there were still challenges that they had to meet in order to make this happen. I loved that like the challenge above, this one involved getting the right person to understand their vision and what it would take from that certain individual to keep pressing forward with their plans. In the case of this part of the story, they wasted little time showing us more why this isn’t going to be another Genosha. Certainly more ambitious than it, but nothing like it.

Lastly we come to Year One Thousand. This is usually where my interest starts to dwindle because its hard to say if anything during this period really matters. I don’t want to speak for most, but I’m sure that there is enough out there who are more invested in what led to Krakoa, and what came after it’s establishment. Though regardless, this is still part of the story. So what unfolded in this chapter did at least manage to intrigue because it felt like we knew exactly what was being referenced to by the coming of this entity, but no one was really willing to say what that thing was. Maybe the next issue will? I would hope so since I don’t feel like there is too much takeaway from Year One Thousand aside from the things some species, races, and entities will do to survive time.

Like every issue before, the research pages were godsent. This cut through a lot of the dialogue that would have otherwise bored us. Some people do not realize how brilliant it cane be to feed readers information like this. This is obviously not something you would have most writers do, but if your story follows this kind of format, why not? You can run wild and there’s no clashing between text and visuals. Not to say of course that you can’t present the information in a visually appealing manner. This creative team found a very unique way of doing so here and that goes a long way in making the information easy to consume. Aside from this, the same quality of work we got from the interior artwork. What stood out to me this time around was the big changes that we see in Xavier. His demeanor really changes over time and it is something to get used to. You see him with a new fire in his eyes, more confidence in the decisions he makes, wearing a smile which reads readiness to be bold. It was just as interesting to see the way other characters are drawn to react to this new Xavier. Aside from this, beautiful color work as usual. Great range, varied use of effects to suit the atmosphere and settings of the stories told, and more than that, an impressive use of blending that gives the colors enough strength to pop.

Powers of X #5 was a lot to take in, and I have to say there was a lot to love about the info they dumped onto our laps. With each passing issue of Powers of X we understand that much more how this vision of Krakoa came to be, and where it would lead. Knowing the things we know now, it does make you wonder all the more how this set of stories will lead into the Dawn of X-Men.

Powers of X #5




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