Carole & Tuesday Finale “A Change is Gonna Come” Review

I don’t know what to say, Carole & Tuesday was one of the biggest chances I took on a random anime series this year, and somehow at the same time turned out to be one of my favorites of all time! Some surely have seen this one and instantly dismissed it because they assumed that it was all music and no substance. However, they couldn’t be more wrong if that was them.This series proved that you can entertain through music, engage through personal stories, and captivate us through a world which relates to our own. Each of those things executed beautifully each week brought us to this point, and I couldn’t be happier with the turnout.

Being the finale, it only made sense that time would continue speeding to the night of New Years. I mean, that’s not to say there was that much time to pass given that the Grammy’s was on Christmas Day, but still this could have easily been a couple of weeks that they milked episodes out of like some other creatives would. Since the first episode we were always fortunate that this wasn’t a series where they dragged the story or a storyline longer than needed. So with this last episode, I loved being able to jump right into the build-up to the performance on that very day. This includes the bit of time that they gave Carole and Tuesday to genuinely reflect upon the fact that they made it to this point, to pull off something they never would have been able to do before.

What excited me leading up to the performance was also seeing all these familiar faces and new faces make their entrance. This was one of the best ways to show just how far these two have come over the course of the past twenty-four episodes. They had their fair share of impact that they had on others, and vice versa. Being able to acknowledge one another in this capacity made for a pretty cool scene.

From there. all that was left was the performance itself. This was the time of the “Miraculous 7 Minutes”, the event that would go down in Martian history that they have reminded us of at the start of almost every episode. As the first words were sung, I fell in love with their new song titled “Mother” because it captured so much of what I have loved about the development of Carole and Tuesday’s voices. And then when you add on everyone else’s separate parts, and then their combined voices? I was honestly blown away almost wishing that the song could go on longer than seven minutes. Aside from that, the animation was once more stunning. They didn’t get too flashy, so it was mostly the appeal of the characters themselves and how they really got into the moment. A lot of them were stepping outside of their genre here, and yet their voices and movements fit perfectly.

Angela’s arc came to a beautiful conclusion to me. I had my worries considering the downward spiral she was going through, but all it took was the right person’s comforting words to begin her resolution. The minute we saw Tao enter her room in the hospital, I knew that this would be her turning point, and they did not disappoint. I loved more that they took things a step further to drop a bomb on us about her upbringing that you were not expecting. Before this episode aired, we already knew that Tao was going to reveal a secret that he has long kept hidden, but this was much bigger than just being a reveal. It was actually one of the very last things you would have expected, which made it that much more appreciated. Something had to get her out of bed  and onto the stage with Carole and Tuesday, and they couldn’t have chosen a better approach towards that happening.

On the political side, I have to admit I feared for the lengths they were willing to take this part of the story. I mean, we all know how messy politics can get. Especially when those in that game are treating it exactly as that. There was three things we had to brace ourselves for this week. One was the possibility that either Spender or Kyle would be able to see their mission to the end, the second was that confronting Valerie would proved to be the wrong move, and the other is that it would be the right move rather than to destroy her in one move behind her back. I found myself satisfied most with what the turnout ended up being. We’ve seen our fair share of darkness from this series, so this was a great time to indulge us with an outcome that

This finale at the end left me speechless, I wanted more! Carole & Tuesday Finale “A Change is Gonna Come” was worth every memorable moment leading to this. It was a beautiful and magical seven minutes that they graced us with. We talk about all these hot series out there like Demon Slayer or Mob Psycho, and this one should be up there as one which captivates you with the power of voice in contrast to fist. It breaks my heart a bit just thinking that this is it. Give me an album or something because I might have to go back to the start and watch this again!

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