Titans “Deathstroke” Review

Last week was a bit heartbreaking. As one of the more character driven episodes of the series, this episode genuinely made you fall in love with Garth aka. Aqualad. It sucked to be hit with the reality at the end of the episode that a flashback was going to be the only way we could see him. I mean, we knew that he had to be the Titan who died if things went that bad with Deathstroke and he was the only one who didn’t make the reunion. Though that did not change the impact of that moment where he would be made an example out of by this assassin to make his presence known to the team. After that kind of entrance, I needed to know what came next for the originals to scare them this much about a ghost’s return into their lives.

Well, we also needed to know what would happen to one Jason Todd who at the same time got himself caught by the assassin who gave the originals a run for their money. How we jumped back into that situation was intense. Even with a week between the capture, the chills were still there. Strangely not even for the fact that Jason got captured, but because you knew the way that this would explode for the old Titans. They are always one argument away from imploding, and this was the perfect spark to get them in that fiery mood again. Especially when none were too happy with the idea that Dick was trying to reboot the Titans again with younger members who are unaware of the reason that they broke up in the first place. I found that the perk this week was that there was more direction to their emotions this time around. Drama is drama, but you never want to indulge in it fully. I admired that they went to that place, without getting lost in it. If they did, it would just became a distraction from what needed to get done.

Titans — Ep. 205 — “Deathstroke” — Photo Credit: Ken Woroner / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Even when things did implode, it wasn’t as bad as I thought things would get. They actually put a clever twist to this madness that knocked two birds out with one stone. On one had a secret was revealed to the group, and on the other hand the other big secret was starting to unravel with little room to contain it.

Back with the new Titans, this was where you expected some of the real drama to unfold. I was actually waiting for this point because they were building up a lot of tension that needed to come out. Mainly because it was getting these characters nowhere. I don’t think now was the best time where any of the young ones really needed to have a problem with one another. My fingers are crossed that the writers got it out of their system for this half of the season.

The return of Kory was surprising this early, but all the same welcomed. Season two Kory is so far my favorite. That’s not to say she wasn’t badass in season one, but in season two there’s so much clarity and personality to her that went beyond focusing on a singular mission. Having this moment again with Rachel was worth the wait because someone had to be able to have a real conversation about the further development of her powers. Didn’t expect the way that they would connect in this moment, but I loved it either way for the fact that they are creating a stronger establishment of the relationship between both their powers and their emotions. The only problem that I had when matters of powers came up, is that we still haven’t quite seen everything that Kory should be able to do. Hopefully that changes soon!

Titans — Ep. 205 — “Deathstroke” — Photo Credit: Ken Woroner / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Speaking of imploding, that brings us to Deathstroke and Dr. Light. While Deathstroke is the man with a plan, there was no denying the ticking time bomb that is Dr. Light and his unchecked temper. At this point it was obvious that these two weren’t going to be compatible, so it was always going to be a matter of when one would get in the way of the other. Till that time came, I just loved the suspenseful atmosphere which surrounded Deathstroke. Unlike most villains, he’s one who enjoys taking his time. I mean, ordinarily a job like this would be something any villain would jump right into, but he had steps to follow all the way through. Where they shook things up this week was also letting some emotion slip through for him. The closer he got to the Titans, the more you could see his feelings about the past begin to surface. Particularly when finally faced with at least one of the originals to begin speaking his mind. When that fight scene finally came? I was impressed by who he got into it with. It was fun seeing how Deathstroke would handle someone who he couldn’t put down with bullets.

In terms of effects, this week left me stunned because it’s not so often on tv that you will see a regenerative power used so well.

Without a doubt, Titans “Deathstroke” was one of the more thrilling episodes from the second season. If anyone wanted to see Deathstroke in a real fight? They did not disappoint. Same badass with a sword, with a gun, and with anything else that he can pull out of his bag of tricks to keep up with the supers. It was a big plus as well that many emotional elements came to a boil. Sometimes these moments need to happen. Particularly at this stage so that the story can keep pushing forward without taking steps back because characters getting in the way of themselves.

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