The Flash Season Six Premiere “Into the Void” Review

Of all the Arrowverse series, The Flash is definitely the show that you will find yourself looking forward to most. Particularly because there is no Infinite Crisis without The Flash and what he is supposed to set-up for this massive event. Now I’ll be that guy to say it. The Flash isn’t perfect. It has its problems with story, plot, and the direction taken with some of their core characters. However, there is no denying that this season should hopefully change things when the Crisis event should be able to steer most of those things problematic in a singular direction. That was the hope at least leading up to this season six premiere.

For the most part I would say that they were off to a good start. As with most season beginnings, we jumped into a point where some doors were still closing, and new ones were opening. It worked that they were all coming down from a summer break. This left plenty of room to get them each to a place where a new direction could begin, and from there you could work out what may or may not have happened since the last time we saw them. I still can’t say I’m all too happy with the choice they made to get rid of Vibe, but you could give them some leeway that the loss of powers haven’t changed what makes the character fun at the core. Still the tech guy, still the one to make the jokes, and more important the guy he was before he went through a season of being mopey. When it came to Barry and Iris, this was where it got tough. Given where season five ended, there wasn’t too much time for these two to grieve. So much of this season premiere created that opportunity for them to work through their feelings in their own way.

On one hand you have Barry who obviously would bury himself in work in order to keep his mind off of troubling thoughts. Then on the other hand you would of course have Iris who never has a problem really letting those emotions out, even if not in the most subtle ways. How both of them came to accept their feelings of loss was heartbreaking, yet better than most times they overcome hurdles like this. They didn’t drag it on longer than need be. Neither did they do it through tiresome tropes. Last character worth addressing is Catlin. Caitlin will probably forever be a touchy subject for viewers, but I loved where she was at the last time we saw her. How they once again shook things up had me a bit worried this time around. I thought to myself “Here we go again, another episode of what’s wrong with my powers”. Fortunate for us, they weren’t willing to

This season premiere had our attention for the connections to the Crisis, but the plot stood out just a bit more. This one actually turned out to be one of my favorites because it was more out there than normal. The danger wasn’t black or white, and it wasn’t too wrapped up in drama. It was the perfect kind of situation that you would expect for superheroes to tackle. How they handled it by the end of the episode was also worth the applause because I will never shame anyone for deciding to kick off the big climatic moment with the right song.

I have to say, I was interested by the villain they have chosen for this season. Also a bit surprised that so quickly they would begin this villain’s storyline. Ramsey Rosso / Bloodwork was a breath of fresh air. The past how many villains were pretty much bad from the start. In most cases they were evil and simply hiding behind a facade until their plans were ready to set into motion. Ramsey Rosso shakes things up because there is an actual progression to that change. That’s not to say that he didn’t have bold intentions and anger already there, but we actually got to see the spark that would send him over that line of no return. Now I do hope I’m not the only one, but it was just a bit hard not seeing Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mohinder Suresh from Heroes. He’s pretty much jumping into the same kind of role, which I guess makes him more comfortable in it given what creates Bloodwork.

As a start to this season, the little moments matter. We know that this team is about to get thrown into the mother of all madness, but it goes without saying that the little moments matter. As I always say, the importance of the hero behind the mask must be established. It doesn’t always have to mean doing heroics as a regular person. It also can mean just being normal, and embracing that time you have to actually live that other life.

Overall, the season premiere had a lot going for it, but it was one of the better welcome backs that we have received in a good while. The Flash season six premiere “Into the Void” had fun with this return to superheroics, with Team Flash figuring out what comes next for them as individuals, and the chaos in the unknown. What brought it all together of course was getting that one scene that would set everything in motion for this year’s crossover event. The Flash is the starting point, and I’m glad that they made it so without taking away what makes this show what it is. Just like in comics, one should not too heavily outweigh the other.

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