Review: Doctor Doom #1

It’s not everyday that I will go out of my way to read a villain book, but its Doctor Doom we’re talking about here. Why wouldn’t you want to see what’s up with that? I mean, that’s not to say that I didn’t have my reservations about a book like this. At the end of the day Doctor Doom is a creature of habit. Doom has a tendency to be fairly predictable when it comes to doing what his best for him, his people, and the sake of his pride. So at the same time I was hoping to see something new, to get a new experience.

Now while this book hyped up the fact that this story would make a villain out of Doctor Doom once more, the big question here was what would actually take him down this path. I labelled him a villain above, but to be clear the proper word to describe him would be villainous as a tyrant. The first portion of this debut issue took the time to establish just who Doctor Doom is at the core. He is a lot of things, but there is no denying that he is someone equally skilled in science and magic. In this particular case, it is his knowledge of science that they decided to showcase and that is something to appreciate more than anything else about him. Often times we will forget just how smart he is and it was welcomed to see him in his element. This includes being in his element as a king. Many others would probably also appreciate the time put into showing a side of him that really does care about the people he rules over. May not be the most heartwarming, but he has his own way of proving that he gives a damn.

Much of the conversation from Doom as well was engaging which was a nice surprise. In most cases this isn’t a character you get much dialogue from because he is either doing all the talking or choosing to insult over actually conversing. I guess you could say that it mostly comes down to the writer too. In that case we are lucky that Christopher Cantwell is the one writing this book. He peeled back Victor’s layers which went a long way to seeing him as an actual person.

Now where things got crazy was actually seeing with our own eyes how this catastrophic act of terrorism which kills thousands unfolds, and why Doctor Doom would find himself the prime suspect of the act. No one wants to believe that he would do something so bold, but the set-up was there. The response from Doom was excellent, and the response from the rest of the world was chilling because no one was actually prepared for what happened or what would follow. It’s not like we haven’t seen the great Doctor Doom caught off guard before, but this was something else entirely when it involves taking the blame for thousands of lives.

One of the draw-ins to this book for me was also seeing that Salvador Larroca would be the penciler. Not all readers out there appreciate his art style, but personally I do. Larroca has his own distinct way of drawing characters, and there’s always an impressive level of detail shared between the characters, settings, and everything else between. When it comes to drawing a character like Doctor Doom as well, it makes a big difference to have someone who knows how to make that armor pop. It might just look like your average suit of armor, but that never means you can’t give a full rendering of every nook and cranny. Plus, it goes without saying that his inking skills are top-notch. It helps for setting both a mood for each scene, and creating depth in general. As for the colors, GURU-eFX was also an excellent choice. You can only really love Larroca’s pencils as much as the colorist who brings the boldness to it. Not to mention the energy when you know that a book about Doctor Doom is not going to be without some action, namely spells and blasting.

Well, that’s one way to knock the big guy off of his throne! It’s not often that you will see a king like Doom knocked down a peg like this, and you have to love it because that is never without some big plan that is set into motion that he can’t power his way out of. Doctor Doom #1 was thrilling, personal, and still found room to be action-packed. As I said above, the book is worth it for the fresh experience that isn’t Doom getting up to his normal shenanigans.

Doctor Doom #1




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