Review: Justice League Odyssey #14

I can’t say that there wasn’t some hesitation about my excitement for what comes next for Justice League Odyssey. Its hard not to say that things took a wild turn with the death of Jessica Cruz, transformation of the JLO, and then the sudden resurrection of Jessica. The best thing that the previous issue had going for it is that Jessica now wields a new power from her exposure to omega energies. This brought about another big change, but definitely one that you could roll with.

Where this issue picks up, I was impressed by what came next for Jessica and company. The only real saving grace of this part of the story is the fact that Jessica is back to taking charge, and doing so the right way this time. When Jessica was with the others, she was trying and just not getting anywhere. For the sake of the plot there would be no reason to listen to her fully, though this was the best time to show that when she actually tries, she’s not going to be ignored. With that said, probably also for the best when the option for leaders is quite limited. Even if you like the cat, it acts on instinct more than anything else. Blackfire at the end of the day is worried about her own needs as a Tamaranian. Then you have the other two new/mysterious characters who are too fresh to invest in. So it only made sense that Jessica would find herself at the top of the totempole. All these things make Jessica the only person who makes sense to lead.

With that said, this is definitely the best writing she has received as well since everything is now coming full circle for her. Both in understanding that she was trusted to have to make the hard calls, and that she did have something to prove through the success of this mission having everything Darkseid said about her running through her head. This is a rattled Jessica and you want to see what happens when she finds the source of her current rage. You know, aside from the massive amount of mega energy coursing through her.

The big thing for this issue was definitely getting in front of all the mysteries still remaining with this new team before they catch up with Sepulkore. Namely this mystery individual who seems very intent on keeping his identity hidden. You wouldn’t have expected that anyone would move in on the curiosity to see what was underneath that helmet so soon, but why not? The execution wasn’t bad. However, the timing? That I found a bit problematic because this created a whole new obstacle that I don’t think we actually needed right now. This story would be a lot better if it was a bit more straightforward, and it is showing through all of these twists which are sort of falling flat.

It hurt a bit for me to jump into this issue and see that Will Conrad wasn’t on pencils. Felt a bit early to already switch to a different set of artists, and I do say a set of them considering how many were brought on for each role. Definitely a lot, though at the same tie it was hard to argue with the quality which still remained for the interiors. At the very least this is something you can’t take from the book because they consistently find ways to make the book visually appealing and engaging. For example, a Green Lantern wielding omega energies? That is a sight to behold for the aggressive style of fighting said individual would take on in general. That aside, I enjoyed the way that Jessica was drawn in this issue. Its like following a different person when you see that take-charge attitude written on her face and the way her body language changes. More anger, confidence, and impression that she is looking for a reason to hit someone.

Justice League Odyssey #14 again ended up being another mixed bag. The direction of the story is beginning to get better, though at the same time working over this hurdle where steering the story is involving too much need for shock value. That’s not what we initially invested in this book for. That would be the exploration, discovery, and danger from both of those things. Not from troubles they get themselves into long the way.

Justice League Odyssey #14




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