Review: Livewire #11

Part of me would love to get back to the good days where a hero like Livewire was in the spotlight and the gold standard for what is superheroes in this world. However, that is not where we are at in her story. Right now the most important things she could do is fight for redemption, and give no quarter towards her continued fight for the protection of psiots worldwide. Even if it means stepping outside of her comfortzone to deal with politicians who only ever have their own needs in mind. Especially those like John Wright as we learned by the end of Livewire #10.

I’m not going to lie, my jaw pretty much dropped from start to finish for this chapter. I was expecting some craziness from this stronger political angle that this story had taken, but not like the bomb which politician John Wright drops on everyone’s laps. As we learned last month, everything is going according to plan for this guy. We don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. All we know is that winning this election through defense of Psiots is ultimately going to benefit John Wright, and maybe more than actually helping Psiots. For now as I said, it is all about the big move that Wright has made which changes the game in a big way. He could have simply gone through the grueling work of out-arguing every person who opposed Psiot equality, but this was bold in terms of going all the way to the top for the sake of making noise.

Now aside from this, I did have my own anticipations before picking up this issue. That surrounded what would happen at this charity rally where Livewire would apparently play hero. Questions instantly began stirring from just that alone. Was she actually invited to this charity rally? Is this actually masked men deciding they were bold enough to hold a charity rally hostage? Or is there some strings being pulled in order to make Amanda look good to the public? Inquiring minds had to know! Leading up to that hostage situation, I enjoyed some of the further interactions between Amanda and Wright. Since she gave him the shakedown, it only made sense that they would be on better terms moving forward. I enjoyed seeing the way he continued to try getting through to her, and how she would reply as someone who lives in skepticism being connected to the internet. What actually stood out to me most was seeing another example of where Amanda has been holding herself back. With her powers, she should be the boogeyman to anyone in the political game who has their hand in too many cookie jars. However, growth is about knowing the kind of game you are playing and continuing to know where that line in the sand is drawn.

For all the hype that was put into the hostage situation at the charity rally, it was really what came after which sticks with you more than anything else which unfolded. This I paid attention to a little more because it actually progressed the plot, whereas the hostage situation as you would expect serves as more of a plot device.

I can’t say I was too blown away by the pencils in this issue, but the color work on the other hand was on point. I admired the color choice in this chapter that was used to capture Amanda’s powers. Outside of her use of powers, everything was pretty solid, but when they were activated, there was a strong gradient of cold colors which washed over the background. It worked very well in showing that she was in control of the situation from the minute she stepped into the scene. I also liked the use of blues which covered the objects she controlled. Enough to make them pop, but not too much that you couldn’t tell what she was throwing around. Beyond this, I will give credit where it is due that Amanda herself was drawn very well. Her expressions spoke volumes to what she thought about the charity rally, and lets not forget her hair which once again had style and detail.

If you were looking forward to Livewire #11 for big heroics, then you might walk away wanting more than what you actually got. But if you looked to this issue for a further exploration of John Wright’s agenda in tackling the Psiot problem, then you will get a reveal which will keep you looking forward to what comes next.

Livewire #11




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