Review: Triage #2

Here we are with Triage #2. I could tell that this one was a winner for me the minute I found myself looking forward to the next issue. Who wouldn’t? The first issue had a great hook at the end, because who really suspected that our three main characters would end up being three different versions of the same character? And who would have loved it this much that one came from a post-apocalyptic world, while the other from a superhero world? How does a nurse measure up to a superhero and a commander? As I said, great hook since it is going to be quite the challenge bringing three people together like this who look the same, and yet live very different lives.

What came next was smooth considering so much that happened at once for these three women. Well as smooth as it goes for those who are more accustomed to lives filled with chaos. When you go through something that they did, you expect that the next thing to come is everyone putting their heads together. It was a much-needed moment to follow-up with because this is the first time that either of them had with a clear mind to actually communicate with one another. It would be easy for them to bicker and squabble. Who wouldn’t being caught in a scenario like this? It takes a patient writer to work through the questions, and draw-up some answers. Even if those answers are just placeholders so that the characters have something to work with as a start. The big thing for me was the actual process of them drawing-up these answers among themselves. Things got a little wordy, and with that comes the fear that a writer will lose you for the sake of creating intelligent conversation. Fortunate for us that Phillip Sevy is not that kind of writer. Made everything fairly straightforward and easy to consume from the perspective of the one explaining their theory on the situation.

From there, it was an enjoyable ride through this second issue as these characters continued creating these connections and trying to figure out what they had to do next. You know, milking that downtime that they would have before their next confrontation with the Hunter comes. Somehow it managed to be Orbit who stood out for her personality that is so much different from the other two. From the start I had a feeling she would be pretty cool. She already had the powers, but at the same time this situation was more her wheelhouse when in a superhero world these are the kinds of things they deal with when it isn’t just petty criminals.

When the time came for the hunter to arrive? It was a pretty awesome scene which unfolded because no time at all was wasted to show these three exactly what they were up against. I’ll also admit that I had my worries when they first introduced Orbit. She seemed pretty powerful and capable on her own. It was enough to make anyone wonder if she couldn’t just handle things on her own. We sure as hell got our answer to that the minute the Hunter came plowing through. If it wasn’t them that it was going through, then it was the many things which became collateral in the process. This was the best chapter to set the stakes right then and there.

The opening scene to this next issue was a great transition from the first issue into the next. I thought it was smart that Phillip Sevy would first actually show us that heartbreaking moment for Evie, what her life was like before the madness, and then cut straight to where the previous issue ended. I loved this approach because for as much as we want to see what comes next, we need to really understand the weight of this situation for her. On suspension from her job, struggling emotionally, put through a war zone out of nowhere, and now back in her world with the addition of two others who look like her from another world. That probably feels like a mouthful, and it really is. Visually the scene was also exciting because Sevy further showed us what makes Marco and Orbit special. Orbit got opportunities to put her powers to use, and Marco showed off what she was packing underneath that cloak. Great detail there, in the destruction to the surrounding areas of the battle, and the shock that this put on all of their faces as they got a reality check.

With that said, one of my favorite things this issue visually was the way that Sevy visualized the world of Orbit once more. We did get a scene where we got to see the kind of world where she comes from, but this issue took things a step further to show this to us through a more glamorous lens. I enjoyed the creativeness that went into each hero design, as well as the vivid display of colors which added a sense of wonder.

With the events of Triage #2, I definitely find myself more confident in my investment in this series. It has personal stakes, it has worldly stakes, it’s sci-fi that you can digest, and it is action-packed. I’d say that is pretty much a winner in my book so far. If this is what we’ve already gotten in the second issue? I look forward to what they next three have in store for us!

Triage #2




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