Dr. Stone “The Culmination of Two Million Years” Review

***Spoiler Warning***

I was not expecting that they would actually pit Chrome and Magma against one another. Neither did I think that they would allow this fight to boil down to science and a stunner of low blow. Leave it to these creatives to take everything that you come to expect from a tournament in an anime and throw it right out of the window. Probably for the best. I for one was always looking forward to how things would change after the tournament, than what would happen during it.

I gotta hand it to them, they both hit us with a quick finish to the Grand Bout and shocking twist in one go. I mean, I expected things to drag on just a bit more. Maybe even to the halfway point of the episode, but things wrapped up before the intro sequence even hit. Who would have thought that they would be so bold? This guy certainly did not, but it shouldn’t surprise us too much since this is a series where they have been pretty straightforward about always everything that has unfolded up to this point. Of course the Grand Bout of all things wouldn’t be something that pushed to go longer than it needed. Not when there’s so much science and steps to take towards getting this village on the side of the science kingdom.

When it came to who won the Grand Bout and what immediately came after? I can’t say that I was too shocked with the execution. Of course they were going to go for some shock value, but at the same time they did not miss the opportunity to throw some humor into the mix. Credit where it is due that this series knows how to strike a balance there without leaning to either side too heavily. For example, the final round of the tournament was a ****show, but it was the kind which entertains us at the end of the day.

What we had to look forward to most this week was the fact that this episode is also titled “The Culmination of Two Million Years”. This leads you to believe that everything we have experienced with this crew is all for the moment which follows the Grand Bout. I did not expect that the last thing they really needed was alcohol, but I loved how that ended up being the springboard for Senku and company being able to jump straight into putting everything together. I also enjoyed how they turned up the urgency on the spot. Any number of things could have happened to put a bit more pep in their step, but it made sense that around this time we would begin to see Ruri’s condition get worse. For someone with her sickness, it was a miracle that she made it this far without proper treatment. By the end of the episode I even appreciated how they justified her survival to this point.

From there, it was exciting to see the process in which they put all their resources together to create the sulfa drug. Of course there was a faster pacing to this than what we are used to, and I couldn’t argue with that since this was now a race against time. Well that, and the fact that there are many more steps that go into the actual creation of the drug. Much of what you get out of this will go over your head. Half the words which passed Senku’s lips I could not say without messing up multiple times. I’m impressed that they care this much about the accuracy that there was no scientific term left off the table in the process.

Even then, this episode still managed to throw one more twist at us by the end. This is a series where they pretty much embrace science and the ability to explain things. Though how do you explain a priestess who is able to know exactly who Senku is without actually knowing him or meeting him prior to his first appearance in this village? Are they really going to take this step into the impossible where you can’t explain a phenomenon? I can’t say for sure how I feel about such developments, but only time will tell as next week’s episode should bring some clarity to what is happening here.

Dr. Stone “The Culmination of Two Million Years” was just that, and really shook things up for the Kingdom of Science. Everything that Senku and company went through and endured was worth it for where they ended up by the end of this mission to create the sulfa drug to save Ruri. Overall, I have to say it’s nice to have a series like Dr. Stone on the schedule which has no problem indulging us in an endearing story.

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