Fire Force “Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa” Review

Fire Force is one of those special case anime series right now. Most of them have been able to keep things fairly consistent with releasing an episode each week. However, this would be the second time where we went a week or two without a new release. Nonetheless, this one is worth waiting for! It wasn’t too long ago that we got around to the Company 7, and with that came the proper introduction of who is the strongest fire soldier in the series. How do you investigate a company with someone so formidable? One wrong move could spell disaster, and we want to be there for if and when things go down!

As the strongest firefighter, Waka was a point of interest to me. There was a lot that we didn’t know about him aside from the commotion he started up during the meeting of captains.From that initial impression, you would have assumed that he was going to be a problem. As it stands with most series with a strongest character, that label had a tendency to come with that person being unruly and antagonistic. By the end of this episode I was glad to see that Waka was not one of those characters. They went the extra mile to show that there was much more to this character than his level of power. He had places where he lacked strength, and the destruction he caused trying to eliminate that infernal wasn’t because he didn’t know how to show empathy.

Speaking of getting to know Waka, it was also fairly straightforward coming to understanding the 7th Company and this place of their jurisdiction. The 7th company was pretty much summed up with one word, and that stuck as something you don’t see from the rest of the companies. At first you would have assumed that being the rough group meant that they couldn’t be trusted, but it simply meant that they had their own way of doing things. The story which helped us to grasp this wasn’t exactly complete, but for this week we got just enough out of it to see why it is that a Captain like Waka would so boldly storm out of that meeting a couple of episodes ago. You wouldn’t simply walk away because you want to be the cool lone-wolf. Something would have had to happen to motivate a frustration to share the same room.

Now considering this episode is titled “Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa”, something had to go wrong between the 7th and 8th. This we knew ahead of time, so everything came down to when that point of escalation would come. The answer to that is not too long. How they approached this conflict was creative since the only way for something to go wrong is if the 7th couldn’t be trusted, or some other force began running interference before the investigation began. It ended up being more of the latter which worked to me because now was the best time to make the statement that the 8th has attracted the attention from those who now see them as an obstacle. Probably the best place to be in order to further increase the stakes.

Fire Force “Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa” was well worth the wait for the chance to understand where this war against the Evangelist grows deeper. Through Hinaba we came to understand the pain of losing the only family you have left, through Rekka you came to understand the pain of deep-rooted betrayal, and through Waka, so far we see what happens when you rely on strength and nothing else to overcome those obstacles. These investigations ultimately will lead us to those at the top, but for now we are experiencing the drive which the creation of infernals has put into everyone we are introduced to.

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