My Hero Academia Season 4 Premiere “The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A” Review

It’s crazy how quickly My Hero Academia became that one anime series that everyone looks forward to each year. It has also been one heck of a year awaiting this next season. After years of watching these students face obstacle after obstacle, they have finally reached a point where they are taking bolder steps towards becoming the heroes we know they can be. I mean, I think we all would have died a bit inside if we had to wait another year for Midoriya to figure out he can use his feet instead of tearing his arms apart in every fight.

From the synopsis of this season premiere, I wasn’t too surprised that like the previous season they would try to ease us back into the story before jumping into the next chapter of the ongoing story arc. This one actually turned out to be much better than the previous season premiere because the story had a stronger relevance towards what was unfolding in the season as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, summer activities are always going to be welcomed since at the end of the day they are kids. However, it worked better that we could get something which better eases us back in. A journalist trying to figure out which one of the students from Class 1-A is the successor to All Might? It was a story which made sense for a lot of reasons. Honestly, it shouldn’t take a genius to put the dots together that Midoriya is the inheritor of All For One. Or to even play a game of process of elimination based on what these students have experienced and who they connect with. Someone was inevitably going to be that guy or woman to go down that road and ask all the right questions.

This brings us to the journalist himself. As far as new characters go, he was a delight in contrast to how I thought he was going to turn out. It would have been very simple for Taneo Tokuda to be that sleazy journalist who comes under false pretenses and looking for the truth at all costs. So I appreciated that they were bold enough to instead give us someone who had genuine intentions for finding out who the successor had to be. The story he had to tell as well to explain his motivation was endearing. Again it is never a wrong time to show viewers what All Might means to everyone. Fans come in all shapes and sizes, and Taneo served as a proper example of someone who can be positively influenced outside of becoming a hero.

It also goes without saying that Taneo Tokuda had a pretty cool quirk for his profession as a journalist. Never will it not be welcomed to show quirks that are more out there for applicable use in regular life. He actually reminded me of an X-Men called Eye-Boy, but this was a lot cooler for the circumstance in which it is active.

As a season premiere, I enjoyed that they used this time wisely to make sure that we all understood what we were jumping back into. My Hero Academia is a series with a big cast. You have the students, the teachers, the strictly pro-heroes, and then you have the villains. There’s never a wrong time to remind us of their existence. Especially when it comes to the students who we got a solid refresher of for their quirks. One could argue that this took some time away from the overall plot progression, but like any manga or comic, you always want the start to feel like a new jumping-on point.

Overall, the My Hero Academia season 4 premiere was just what we needed to get us pumped up for what’s to come. Through this first episode we know that it is more important than ever that people look for hope in this world. Losing All Might changed a lot, and we understood that genuinely whether it was addressing concerns from the hero world, civilian world, or everyone inbetween.

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