Batwoman “The Rabbit Hole” Review

The Batwoman series premiere was everything I had hoped for it to be and much more. Knowing this, I wasn’t too shocked that you still have those out there so threatened by a show like this that it is actually worth reviewing bombing and saying anything that will make this show seem like it is something that it isn’t. Batwoman is a breath of fresh air from Arrow as one that actually makes sense for thriving on psychotic villains, ruling through fear, and springing into action under the cover of night. And all of that without having a main character with a stale personality.

Given the way the first episode ended, this second one placed a much stronger focus on Kate trying to assure herself that this Alice is actually the sister that she has been looking for. This caught me off guard for how quickly they sprang this on Kate, yet at the same time I couldn’t argue with the boldness since trying to find her sister could have easily been a storyline they pushed a good while to milk out a mystery. It was better that that was not the case since some of the other Arrowverse shows suffered from that during their early storylines. They each found something and let that dictate the direction of the story too long. The second episode was just the right time to hit the ground running with with what comes next when you discover your sister has been alive all this time and now out for revenge. Is that someone worth saving? Someone who can be saved? That was the question we wanted answered!

The trouble Alice brings to a now aware Kate was intense. Their execution was on point when it came down to Alice/Beth being transparent about what drives her. This created an interesting race throughout the episode where Alice had to be stopped before the Crows could get to her first. I’m not going to lie, I had my reservations about Alice. I don’t know much about the character, so it was simple to assume that they were trying to do something with her like Mad Hatter initially. It was nice to know that this impression was wrong, and that this character is actually one established and different. It was also satisfying to see how they tried to draw the line in the sand between Alice and Beth. Alice is someone who sees the world around her and rebels against it. Beth is the girl who still lives in side of her and holds resentment towards a family who she assumes forgot about her. Both sides came to a clash violently as every move was fairly surgical, and had the exact outcome needed to further tear a family apart.

The best thing about this second episode is how they are trying to quickly push Kate towards becoming a proper hero for the city. Right now she has her own personal mission, but none of that involves saving these innocent people who see that costume and hope that she is going to take time from that mission to protect them. That’s not to say that this isn’t also a pretty accurate situation for someone like Kate. She is someone who needed that kick in the butt early on to get her priorities straight, and have the right attitude about it. In general, I appreciate the fact that they aren’t spending too much time on something that could have easily dragged on longer than need be. The end of the second episode is the best time to start questioning the reason why she is putting on a suit that requires her to think of something greater than herself.

Only one trouble could be found in this episode, and that remains getting used to the way we see Luke Fox. Most of us are used to seeing the version of him who has a background in military, good at boxing, in general just good at scrapping. Not at all the guy who stands before us as a custodian for Batman. They couldn’t shake the need for someone to play tech jockey, and unfortunately it had to be Luke. I only hope that this isn’t going to be the full extent of his role, because it stings knowing that the guy who becomes Batwing in his own time is going to be reduced to that one trap role which most Arrowverse shows share.

With that said, I did like the role which Mary continues to play. First of all, I loved how quickly they dodged her being the ditsy rich girl who lives in her own bubble. Second, I loved how important of a role she plays in a part of the city which tends to be ignored. While Kate is still figuring out the right thing to do with the suit, Mary is already on the ground helping people in the capacity we await Kate to get to. It was inevitable that she would also run into her own trouble being related to Kate, but I’m glad that they handled that scene in a way that challenges her to really questions where she stands in all of this conflict.

Batwoman “The Rabbit Hole” creates a lot more confidence in what this version of Kate and Batwoman have to offer. The stakes are personal, and they are growing beyond that as well. I just really hope they can keep up with with the quality storytelling we are getting, because anything less is exactly the fuel that gives the naysayers what they want from that show, and that is for it to fail. We’ve looked forward to this one too long for that.

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