Review: Psi-Lords #5

I was a bit disappointed in myself last month. I didn’t get to review this issue, and there was A LOT to say about it. I mean, this was a book where you initially felt like you had to be patient for the mysteries to unravel. Who would have thought that by the fourth issue we would be able to blow the doors wide open to everything secret? No time was wasted revealing to the rest of the team that Scion was not really on their side, and then a surprise return and encounter with Beacon brought about the answers we needed to understand what brought these fourth astronauts all the way out here in space. Now of course I should say not everything is revealed, because their memories are still wiped, but knowing what they know now is a HUGE step forward!

If all of that wasn’t enough, they said just the right things to get us excited for what comes next. Prison riots, secrets revealed, brand-new baddies, and more? Yeah, I felt like I was more than brave enough to jump into this brand new story arc. Obviously this was going to begin with the Widowers catching up with them, and that was an action scene worth waiting for. Up to this point the team has for the most part been shooting in the wind with these powers. Never truly understanding what they could do or how they could better make use of their potential as a team. So when this issue began, it was a thrill to see what they could do with these powers used with better focus and coordination. The only disappointment you could find is that you really didn’t feel like they were in any true danger. Right now would feel too early for anyone to face that kind of threat.

Now with this new arc, came a stronger sense of direction as well. Having dealt with Scion for now, the only other thing to do now is to stop the trajectory of the Gyre with Earth. This chapter addressed this next step in their mission wonderfully because this is of course where you would run into trouble with four like these guys. Understanding their purpose is a great step forward, but it doesn’t change their personalities and differences. They said with this arc, there will be greater forces that will tear this team apart, and the best place to start is how they stop the Gyre’s progression. The future makes it look like they will find a way, but the end destination and everything inbetween are still two very different things.

A point of interest for this chapter was a certain conversation which we got with Scion and a mysterious third-party. It was enlightening for the fact that to an extent we finally come to understand the what and why that these powerful beings are trapped in this orbit. We also come to understand what we have to look forward to if anyone were to dare escape from this orbit. This issue itself was a great set-up for a lot of things to come from this one conversation alone.

What caught me off guard more than anything else was the big change in art style from Renato Guedes. You get so used to the way that he draws that you just aren’t prepared for when things look entirely different from what we got in the past four issues. I honestly had to backtrack and make sure that I was seeing the names correctly for the credits. It felt like there had to be some kind of error, but there wasn’t. Regardless, I loved this style just as much, maybe even more because without the painted wash, there was a lot more that we were getting from the characters, their actions, even the settings. Heck, there was a better intensity from the colors that you come to appreciate more since this is somewhat of a book where you expect a stellar energy to it. I mean even the more visceral scenes stood out more because you could actually see what was being done to enemies. With that said, the best thing about this change in style was the room given to really get into the unique design of these new characters.

Through the events of Psi-Lords #5, we see that this is another one of the more important issues of the series so far. Psi-Lords #4 brought clarity to a lot of things, but this issue took that next step forward to genuinely begin laying the foundation for everything to follow. Stopping the trajectory of the Gyre will be easier said than done, dealing with the enemies at the top will even be harder, and even then it seems like there is so much more to unfold about this story and plot.

Psi-Lords #5




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