Review: The Orville #4: The Word of Avis Part 2 of 2

Where I was shocked how before it didn’t click to me that this book was going to be more than what was initially assumed to be two issues, now there is shock for how far this creative team is willing to go to give us the same kind of experience as the show. When I used the term identity politics, I should also get a bit more in-depth there. The excitement is the fact that they have chosen a story where we address the freedom to believe in something outside of what is normal for a certain group of people. We’ve experienced struggles with accepting the Moclan culture, but never before have we encountered people who embrace a culture like the Krill, or so much to risk entering Krill territory.

From the start of this chapter, we jump back into that feeling of suspense because this is the last place that the Orville crew wanted to end up after intercepting this team of xenoanthropologists. I mean, how crazy do you have to be to venture into Krill space for only believing in the word of Avis? When you think of the Krill, you think of that one race which hates everyone who is not them. That is the Krill, and it was hard to imagine they would take just anyone in. Particularly when they are accompanied by the very crew which infiltrated them in the past and destroyed some of their toys in the process. What you looked forward to was the response from this team since this is the worst case scenario that they were thrown into. They only tried to help these people, and here they all are put into danger.

When it came to this issue, the big thing we anticipated was where things would go wrong. I mean, we knew that the crew was going to run into trouble. It was only a matter of when this would happen. Moments like this I enjoy because we tend to get the best out of this crew when their backs are against the wall. That is when they put some of their best thinking to use, and usually that comes with some very creative solutions to their situations.

Now when all was said and done, it was smart that this could also be a story which showed us that there is a line you can cross when believing in something the Krills do. You can appreciate another culture, but at the same time you should also know when said lifestyle is wrong. This is an aggressive race which lacks humanity, and it showed through the humans who chose to follow this will of Avis over the voice in their heads that better discerns right from wrong. With that said, it was great that by the end of this issue we could also get a better sense of what it means to follow this will. Knowing the book was one thing, but it also seemed like something you simply feel too. That adds an interesting sense of mystique to it.

This issue wasn’t as action-packed, or too flashy, so it met us halfway with something that was more consistent in the quality that we got from issues previous. For this issue, what stood out was the efforts this art team put into their visualization of space. For the universe of The Orville, they don’t do dark, and it makes sense. These are ships with strong reflections and strong lights both interior and exterior. Now of course you will ask about the meteors, and I think we can let that slide when in this case you might actually want to see these things rather than have them barely visible from the lack of a proper light source. There was a few panels in particular where this art team blew me away, because you could tell that the true quality of their work was dependent upon he room and perspective given. As with most artists, they excel when you have specific objects close-up in full view. There was one panel in particular showing just the middle portion of Celeste’s face, mainly her eyes. I was impressed with how real it looked between the shape and organic colors used.

The Orville #4: The Word of Avis Part 2 of 2 brings our second story to a close, and it was one worth telling. People lose their way all the time, but it’s how you bounce back which matters most. Unfortunately in the case of these xenoanthropologists, they chose the will of Avis to guide them down a questionable path.

The Orville #4: The Word of Avis Part 2 of 2




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