Review: Strikeforce #2

If there was anyone on the fence about the first issue of Strikeforce, this was one of those books where I would have recommended giving another issue to create some confidence in. Personally, I was already sold. This was a pretty badass cast of heroes to put together. The reason made sense, and the threat that they have to deal with is something new. Now that we have gotten our introduction to this team, and the obstacles that are sure to make this mission easier said than done, I was eager to see what came next when this team furthers down this path that has already tricked them into killing the brother of a friend.

The great thing about this second issue of Strikeforce is that this creative team took full advantage of what could come from throwing these heroes together. Strikeforce #1 did a great job of explaining what could bring these heroes together, but that’s not the end of the worries. The next is what could make this a team with enough of a dynamic to tackle such a sensitive problem. Angela isn’t a big time team player. Neither is Bucky, Wiccan isn’t much of one these days, and neither is Jessica who is now a mother. A common cause is great, but is it enough to keep all of them on the same wavelength to pull off a win? The answer to that is maybe. That’s at least the takeaway we get by the end of the issue. If they were to overcome this new enemy, then it would take teamwork, and then something more to help them along the way.

Now aside from that, there was the thrill in suspense for how this team would explain killing Satana’s brother. You couldn’t ask for a more screwed up situation, because its tough explaining to someone who asked for your help that you killed their brother. And the funny thing is how that wouldn’t be the big issue, the big issue would be explaining without adding another unnecessary party into the circle who now knows of the Vridai’s existence. Being the second issue, they wasted little time showing us exactly what can go wrong when these things spread to the right people.

What made this second issue fun is that from the minute things we hit the ground with an understanding of what was being dealt with, and what was at stake, the momentum carried us through from start to finish. You would think that this would be one of those books where there is a bit more of a process to everything they do, but this enemy does not allow the space for that. There’s so much going on between worrying about trusting each other, trusting the people who they already got to, and the lengths they need to go in order to keep their mission under wrap. It helped that this part was at the same time set in the new Las Vegas.

Once more I thoroughly enjoyed the interior work from this art team. This is a very distinct style that they have brought to a book which captures the gritty nature of some of these heroes, as well as the supernatural elements to them. For an issue like this which take us back to Vegas, German Peralta’s work fit perfectly for the fact that this is a lively setting, with a lot of things going on, and so much chaos to play with. Peralta didn’t skip a beat with his pencils as every rendering was complete, every action was full, and made sure we experienced everything brutal about the handling of the Vridai. As for the Vridai themselves, excellent uniformity. It takes some patience and attention to detail in order to make these things such an intimidating force. Their coloring as well continued to stand out, because those skin colors are very distinct, and honestly gross. Then let’s not forget the opportunity taken to remind some of us how powerful Monica is. Her lightshows never disappoint, and this was not one of those times where it did. The best way to describe her in this issue was electrifying!

The minute I saw the cover to this issue, I knew that Strikeforce #2 was going to be excitement from start to finish. There is never a wrong time to take us back to Las Vegas to indulge in the demons, debauchery and action. Well, let’s just say it how it is, decapitations. Because with a team like this? You love the action for the lack of restraint they tend to use.

Strikeforce #2




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