Review: DCeased #6

Here we are at the finale for DCeased and I have to say that DC found a winner in this one. I mean, more ties than not it is going to be a winner if Tom Taylor is writing it, but this book right here is kind of as bold as it gets for the guy. This one you could have easily dismissed for being just another zombie book, and yet issue after issue we were proven wrong as thing one aimed to be much more.That’s not to say DCeased isn’t brutal, but it is also not without its standout moments for the way that these heroes are able to rise to the occasion with the odds stacked against them.

Now with that said, I still had some worries about this last issue. I mean, DCeased #5 ended with Superman of all superheroes getting infected. It took Superman moving faster than he’s ever gone to stop The Flash, so what will it take to put down The Man of Steel before he can single handedly bring about doom to the world? Before we can answer that, of course we had to see what kind of damage he could do upon his return to Earth. Little time was wasted there and the scene was quite jaw-dropping. I actually found myself commending the fact that they executed it without overdoing it. I mean, this could have been the best chance to simply go all out, and yet they found some room to embrace more in the collateral damage. Either way, the moment was an excellent pacer for the rest of this finale since there was only really two options left for survival after losing Superman.

Where things got fun was the fact that they got very creative with the approach towards fighting Superman. If there was one thing we knew we were getting from this book, it was creativity. I couldn’t find myself disappointed with the means they sought out between the weapon, the combination of powers, or the dynamics between them used. With this story being the way it was, there was of course only so far that these things could take these characters, and that was where you find yourself taken back by the kind of fight that this Superman can bring. It was violent, quick, and to the point. Though most importantly they showed that this was a battle where everything was on the table.

Despite the seriousness of this story, I did love that for a writer like Taylor, he cleverly finds ways to make either the story or the characters entertaining. I wasn’t expecting to smile at certain times, and yet I did. It wasn’t a problem either because at the end of the day we should walk away feeling entertained more than anything else no matter the book.

By the end of this issue we were treated to so many surprises which kept you guessing about the fate of the survivors from start to finish. Storywise it was all brilliant, but so was it also visually. From start to finish it was awesome to see all the things they were able to come up with that you would probably only see in this book. A glowing green sword, a glowing green horn, let’s not forget the most terrifying creature that could rise from the sea. They let their imaginations run wild here, and it helped that this is an art team that does not skip a beat in rendering all of it. Major props for all that there was a strong consistency from the first issue to the last. The colors popped, but for the most part they carried a somber atmosphere which kept us in the mindset that this is an end of the world situation. Let’s not forget that for such a brutal conflict, the colorist never once got out of hand with the reds.

When all is said and done, DCeased is a book that has no impact on main continuity of the DC Universe. Yet at the same time that doesn’t matter. This was a story worth telling, an experience that will rock your world, and one worth talking about for all the ways that it challenges the cliche of most apocalyptic stories set in a superhero world. Now part of me wants to believe this is he end, but I couldn’t help noticing that there was something about this final chapter that wasn’t too conclusive. It makes you feel like there could be more, and could you argue with that possibility?

DCeased #6




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