The Flash “There Will Be Blood” Review

Last week’s episode of The Flash focused on Barry Allen being a dead man walking, well establishing this fact to the group. And with that began Barry’s new mission of preparing Team Flash for a world without him post-Crisis. Killer Frost was definitely a good start. The one who is more prone towards slipping up or managing her emotions in a negative way. Choosing Cisco next is also a wise move. You would expect that he might be a problem given the fact that he share the same tendency to hate letting friends go.

Now with that said, this was a bold episode because they threw around a lot of “best friend” between Barry and Cisco. Nothing to bring down the importance of this episode for the two, but when it comes to The Flash, not always do you feel that connection between these guys as regular people. I would have always given the best friend medal to Cisco and Caitlin since they have had a connection longer. Not to mention shared more common interests. Normally when they are together it is all about taking someone down, or working through some personal obstacle. That was why the episode before was entertaining seeing them indulge in something natural for people their age. With that said, I’m not trying to say that you don’t believe they are friends. Though when you push it further for best friends or “ride or die” friends, at times that can be a hard sell. That aside, what you can say is that Cisco isn’t the kind of friend to allow someone close to him to give up saving themself.

When they said Barry’s efforts to prepare Cisco for Crisis are derailed when Cisco schemes to save Barry’s life instead, I was very interested to see what was cooking upstairs to make this a possibility. It would have had to be something bold. I mean, the only way I could personally see Cisco helping Barry is to bring back his powers, but unfortunately they sacrificed Cisco to the plot device that was the metahuman cure last season.

How this new Wells involved himself was one of the more fun parts to this episode. This is the first Wells who has been fairly indirect and putting their own priorities before everything else. not that I’m arguing because Tom Cavanagh seems to be having a blast being able to play a version of the character who is more in his prime and pro-active.

This week they did make up for the lackluster storyline that Ralph was given before. It made sense that Ralph would come from a messed up family to become the sleazebag he once was. However, that did not make for a very investing story worth telling. This time around they did better by addressing how this new motivation he found in that case didn’t have to be derailed by his inability to stop the inevitable Crisis. There was no better time than now for most of the team and him to understand that time doesn’t dictate what you do in the present. It was better that someone else was able to engage with Ralph to get him over this hurdle. Barry can’t be everywhere, so it’s smart to show that others can be there to pick each other up.

As the villain of the story, Ramsey Rosso finally finds that point to properly slip into the role.What I have found compelling about his involvement so far is that he was always walking a fine line without endangering innocent lives. This week was the perfect point to show what happens when preserving his own life outweighs the lives of people who actually deserve to live as much as him. That is how you cross that moral event horizon. Losing that bit of humanity he had left underneath all of that rage was the last push needed to get him over to the dark side. What I appreciated as well was that they didn’t waste time creating an understanding of his abilities. From the minute he first used his powers, it was a bit bothersome that he couldn’t tell what was his own actions. His actions in this episode made it much easier to overlook that and the wait for that to be corrected.

The Flash “There Will Be Blood” threw us into our proper introduction of Bloodwork into the story. Not by name yet, but right now actions speak louder than words. It should be a point of interest to watch how dealing with this villain plays out since this is a major problem on top of the oncoming Crisis that Team Flash is preparing for. Beyond that, it does make you wonder who is next from the team to prepare for a world without Barry Allen.

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