Titans “Atonement” Review

If you were heartbroken about Jericho’s episode last week, this week was going to be no easier to look forward to. After everything that has happened so far, how does a team not break up knowing that one person lied so much and caused so much pain? This was probably the first time where I truly felt sorry for Dick. Not because he didn’t have what was probably coming for him, but because we have been seeing the person he has become now versus who he used to be.

When this episode began, they had no problem jumping right into the reveal to the group. The execution was great for the way they peeled the band-aid off to give us the reaction which mattered more than anything we could have heard repeated. Where I commend them is for the level of intensity of the scene. This could have easily been a scene where they went a bit overboard with reactions. We’ve already seen some overly emotional moments where clear heads were not in control. So it was refreshing that aside from one person’s predictable response, the others said their peace and took their leave.

Dick’s journey to atonement was heavy on the heart. No punches were pulled to bring him down to his lowest point in the series so far. Right now I can see that unlike the others, they are trying to put Dick through the progression of most heroes. In other words they are trying to beat him down to a point where there is nothing left but the rise to be better than who he used to. Though that time is far from now, right now we just have this husk of a guy who has no idea what he has to do to even forgive himself for the pain he has caused everyone. There was only really one place that he could go to begin rectifying this situation, and I loved how the scene turned out. Mainly for the fact that you never see the kind of confrontation he got into unfold the way it did. From there we were hit with a twist that came out of left field. I don’t know what they have instore for Dick between this point and becoming Nightwing, but I do hope that they have pacing in mind with how many episodes are left in the season.

Where we went to next with Hank and Dawn was a tough pill to swallow. These two you would have expected to be able to slip back into a normal life. I mean, they’re lives aren’t perfect, but unlike most people they actually have each other to turn to. How they stirred up a new obstacle for them was a roller coaster of emotions. It all started off just right giving us two who could make the active choice in looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Obvious spoiler, but who knew these two had bars. When I say these two, I do mean Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly. Well I kind of figured Alan did, but Minka caught me off guard. Now where things took a dark turn did make sense for them since there clearly had to be something to address about the troubles they took off from when they went back to Titans Tower.

The one thing I did look forward to more than anything else was seeing Beast Boy and Conner together. When you have two people with the brighter personalities together, you expect some moments that will have you a bit uplifted with so much that has gone the direction of depressing. I’ll hand it to them that it started off fun. Aside from Kory, there was probably no one better to stick Conner with for a better perspective of the world around him. However, I can’t say that I enjoyed the turn that events took by the end of the episode. I mean, we get it. There is a side to Conner that is pretty dark, but there is only about four more episodes left in this second season. Do you really want to spend that episode trying to distance a character who has only just been introduced? I just hope that they aren’t doing what I think they’re doing for the sake of trying to create some big reunion at the season finale.

With that said, their intentions were good when it came to addressing what came next for someone like Gar. He isn’t like the others who can simply walk away. He has green hair, green-ish skin, and his only other home felt more like a prison than the freedom it could have been to be who he was. It did serve well to have someone who at least was making some attempt towards trying to still be a team, or trying to hold out hope that some might come to their senses in time.

One of the big things this season has been addressing the royal family drama with Kory. It is refreshing when you have a version of Kory that allows us to work up to that grudge match between herself and her sister, rather than start with it off the bat. Using Faddei as the middleman as well has been a welcomed change. These two have history, and the way they naturally acclimate into the culture of Earth is entertaining. Especially from his perspective when engaging with someone who has done it with more time to get things right. This week we also got our first look at Blackfire, and the personality was fitting. They did not hold back creating a rivalry between the two, and I appreciated that this version of Kory also has no problem getting just as nasty as her sister. Some are more used to the other versions who couldn’t hurt a fly or use colorful language, but this makes things more interesting if you ask me.

Credit where it is due, the episode was not one of the best, but it certainly shook-up the usual moment in a story like this where a team breaks up. Everyone usually goes their own way and finds something better to occupy their time. Yet that is not the case for these guys. They walked away from one problem, only to jump right into the next. Who knows, maybe they all come to the conclusion that being a Titan may be better than dealing with everything else? Only time will tell. Which is again, like four episodes.

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