Dr. Stone “Stone Wars” Review

***Spoiler Warning***

What was that you say? “Stone Wars”? That’s right! Not episodes later, or even another arc later, this episode right here is when we have the threat of Tsukasa to look forward to once again. You gotta love a series that has no problem with cutting through all the filler and nonsense that milks an episode count. The best takeaway we could ever get from this new arc is finding out what has also happened to Taiju and Yuzuriha. A war is a war, but it has been so long since we have seen those two. Not to mention anything could have happened since last we saw them and now. Especially now that Tsukasa knows that Senku must be alive.

With that said, more than likely still going to be something down the road to be patient for. Until then, here we are with the reveal from Gen that Tsukasa is preparing his army for an assault on the village. The crazy thing about this was that even then you couldn’t have prepared yourself for how close that actually was. The fun this week is in the fact that once again Dr. Stone wastes no time jumping right into the next big thing. As last week’s episode ended, they dropped the bomb on our laps that Tsukasa was making his way to the village. And then this week they had fun diving head-first into our first taste of what to expect from this Stone War. I mean, we’ve seen the earlier iteration of his army. They were no pushovers. Neither was the initial welcoming party sent over to make first contact with the village.

The atmosphere quickly changed once this moment hit, and it has really been some time since we felt like any one of these characters was in real danger. Being that there is a bridge between the village and anyone who would dare come for them, you already knew how the beginnings of this war would go. Throwing Kinro and Ginro into the fire the way they did created an intense scene. Not because they weren’t good fighters, but because they were facing down more numbers than you know they could hold on their own. The execution of the scene was perfect as well when this was the first time where you actually felt something about the dynamic of these brothers. Normally their interactions aren’t very serious, though this time around you could see how much they cared about each other and the village through their actions alone when put on the spot.

Where the entertainment kicks in is how Senku once more puts that brain of his to use in order to fight back against the first wave. This was an uphill battle, which meant that they had to think outside of the box a bit. It made a big difference that for once there was also the backing of the village behind the kingdom of science. This allowed for the creation of something new and formidable. On top of other things that would benefit them. Much faster than it would normally take for them to produce on their own. At the same time I loved how Gen stood out as someone who was walking a thin line to give the village a fighting chance. You think you’ve seen everything from him, and he consistently proves that being a mentalist means keeping everyone on their toes about what you do next.

Aside from this, it was just good to see some overall progression on all sides of the board. It gets me excited now knowing that the village can do so much for themselves now that they see what science can offer them that they weren’t open to before. My only concern is about the idea of a war, and the fact that the lab is currently located outside of the village. Couldn’t someone easily destroy it and set them back days? Maybe even weeks? Unless they found some way to relocate during the events of this episode, I hope that is a plot hole they address in time.

At the end of the day, Dr. Stone “Stone Wars” showed us what we were in store for, and we have a lot to get excited about. A war is a war when both sides can fight on equal grounds, and you can already tell that both sides will be dealt some serious blows by the end of this conflict. Science will only get you so far, and so will reliance on just brawn.

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