Review: Killers #5

Even with this being the final issue of Killers, somehow I find myself shocked that this was a book I got myself so invested in. Normally when it came to the ninja world of the Valiant Universe, there just wasn’t enough there to get a reader like me excited. Though it seems they found the right hook with a book like Killers. That hook being a combination of full exploration, action, and mysticism. With that said, I still has some reservations. Especially when we are here at the last issue of the mini and it doesn’t feel like the journey ends here.

Before that of course, there was still a mission to finish, and that was actually entertaining to follow. From the start of this issue they threw us right back into the action as it’s these superpowered ninjas versus arctic monks versus kill-crazy commandos in the bloody final battle. It was entertaining because this was one of the most memorable moments where this creative team had fun with what these ninjas are capable of. We’ve seen what some of them can do on their own, but it was another thing entirely to see them take on new dynamics with their backs against the wall. Since none of them are the Jonin, it only made sense that there would have had to be more to this battle than everyone looking for opportunities to get in each other’s way.

It was a bit quick how they got from this intense battle to confronting the Jonin, but it was all worth it to actually see what the Jonin had planned for these six. We all knew what we thought this was leading to, and it was better that they hit us with something else entirely. With most stories like this, the killers will hit full rebellion and try to go back to their ordinary lives. It was more fun in the end that we could get something that was a bit more embracing of the title of this book.

By the end of this finale, I was overly satisfied with how things wrapped up. Like I said above, there was some hesitation about this final issue for the fact that it didn’t seem like we were going to get a proper ending in this last stretch. Surely enough there may be some readers out there who will feel that things were a bit rushed, and it would be hard to argue with them. For me, I think I was just happy to see that there was some sort of conclusion formed where we knew by the end if this was it, or if this was leading into something bigger that we should look forward to down the road.

One of the best developments from this book without a doubt had to be the improvement to the interior style. When the style changed-up in the previous issue, I found myself swearing that this had to be a completely different team working on the interiors. When I saw that this was not the case, I was just a little bit happier as well. Thrown for a loop sure, but I appreciated the decision they made at a stage in the story where you want the readers to be able to take in everything. Everything from the detail from the pencils, to the depth of the colors that was easier to absorb without the classic action-movie wash-over. This isn’t to say that it is a bad style, but when you put these images side by side, you are going to want to experience everything for the fantastical elements in particular. I mean, just Snapdragon’s power in general had a stronger appeal when you could actually see this intimidating dragon that she can make manifest from her mind. Let’s not forget that with a greater range of colors, we are able to get all that makes these characters distinctive whether it is their choice in clothing, aura, or skin color.

They didn’t lie, the end of this mini is only the beginning of something bigger. If you were on the fence about the direction this was all taking? Killers #5 gave us full confidence that Valiant tackled the concept of this book with something grand in mind. Throughout these five issues there was action, character development, exploration of the ninja world in a bold new way, and a decision by the end that would change the way we look at this corner of the world.

Killers #5




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